Monday, December 20, 2010

Shunning the Rat Race, lvl 85 gone Fishing

The constant burnout factor and been away from the game as long as I have as well as playing other MMO games have given me a different perspective of personal game enjoyment and how I choose to spend my time. No longer I feel the need to quickly burn myself and game enjoyment out of existence in a hurry for nothing, or join the Rat Race at lvl 85 for endgame efforts. After about 11 months away from WoW by choice and back playing the game for who knows how long, here I am having just started the new Cataclysm expansion and already facing the end of it at lvl 85 and the Rat Race beyond.

So after briefly exploring some of the Twilight Highlands I decided to do something I've always had a great love for, to do and always enjoyed the quiet times away from the rigors of combat to go Fishing. While many and most after hitting lvl 85 for their own reasons and have started their Race Race to gear up for Heroic and Raiding I've decided to go kick back at the riverside with a camp fire and go Fishing. I just choose to go do something different vs exerting my hardcore tendencies. Its a different time for me these days in WoW.

I guess I will level up a bit from 450 Fishing while I'm here kicking back enjoying the quite sounds of nature at the river relaxing and contemplating my thoughts and existence in this realm and the universe at large.

And so several hours past while enjoying one of my truly favorite past time activities in WoW as a real WoW Fisherman. I may swing elaborate shields and awesome weapons in combat to break the knees of hostile foes yet I can enjoy angling a fishing rod as well for awesome catches.

I guess I contemplate If my Paladin ever became a really old man and remembering the days of heroes, and wars of past he be hanging out with his buddy the famous fisherman Nat Pagle. Somewhere maybe crafting the latest new fishing rod and fishing away while swapping stories of past days of glory while angling awesome fish catches of the day.

Few the moments it were watching a half a dozen heroes drop by the river banks and gaze in wonder the man sitting across the river pond sitting with camp fire and fishing in the river. And then they themselves too join in interrupting the silence and fishing as well for several minutes and then probably easily grew bored and left to do other things.

Several hours after sitting by the riverside with my fishing rod, warm camp fire, enjoying the quiet sounds of nature and contemplating my existence and those of fish's here in the river or not I'm now a Illustrious Grand Master Fisherman. Having gone from from 450 Fishing to 525 Fishing all in one sitting at the river side. Yeah I caught ALLOT of fish.

No doubt I'm a real WoW Fisherman. Elsewhere in Azeroth the Rat Race goes on at full speed, I guess that's my perspective. Wherever you are in WoW, don't forget to enjoy the game, however you choose to play it for your own reasons.

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