Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wish you all a fun time leveling with Cataclysm

I guess its now D-Day in Cataclysm. And you all have hit the ground running mad leveling in Cataclysm. Some starting with new characters and some moving on from being at lvl 80 for what seem like been there forever. Somewhere deep down I wish I was out there with you all hitting the ground like times past.

However I can at least stop by and wish you all well and allot of fun times on the new journey in Cataclysm. And I know some of you stuck at work and can't play and some of you probably called in sick just so you can stay at home and play. I probably should be playing Cataclysm myself since well i got so much free time right now being recently unemployed.

However I still haven't quite decided to install WoW on my newer Mac Laptop and re-sub as yet. Maybe later today i'll make a decision. I'm probably leaning towards one :)

I'm sure the servers are and have been crazy for the new launch. Wish you all a damn good time on the journey and at least don't forget to smell the roses in the new world and have fun.

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SeƱor Puzzle said...

You're back! Great!

Have fun in Cata. I'm waiting to your writtings.