Wednesday, December 15, 2010

lvl 84 and onto Uldum

Completed all the quests in Deepholm yesterday hitting lvl 84 at the very end. That also including finishing all the daily quests at the end for the Therazune daily quests. I think I hit Honored with the Therazune. Not sure where their quatermaster is at, must recheck to see what they have. They weren't much else left to do but a dungeon quest in zone. Had allot of fun in zone but it was fun to be going someplace else to maybe see some sunlight or change of scenery. So doubled back to finish a few quests I believed I still had to do in Vashj'ir.

Turned out had only the last quest in Vashj'ir to do which involved the Naga's and Tidehunter with all the cutscenes. That was quite allot of fun to see and be involved in. I could only imagine somewhere down the line this Naga story will become a endgame raid of some sort for Cataclysm. Completed it and got the achievement for 20,ooo leagues below the sea or something like that. Jumped through the rift at the end following behind the NPC that got abducted and ended up finding and unlocking the Throne of Tides dungeon. Wasn't quite sure where to go so jumped into the dungeon and guess picked up a few quests for the dungeon.

As much as would of liked to see the new dungeon, didn't feel much like dungeoning and didn't feel like jumping in to tank my first return to WoW dungeon as yet. I think I must be still getting over some syndrome of getting used to playing my character confidently enough to tank again and tank in PuGs which I used to be famous for running in groups with.

I'm excited to hear CC is back again in Cataclysm. It was one the things that I totally hated about WotLK and mentioned my feelings here on the blog how everything was just a AoE fest and often no real group thinking and sad state of instance Pugs as well classes that knew how to use they own abilities in a jam if they had to. That in the end was one the reason I started hating Puging group dynamics in the end and the sad state of Instance Pugs/Raids. I love to AoE like anyone else, but I also or used to enjoy the art of executing a surgical pull with group dynamics to execute fun tactical play while tanking. And though I can barely remember at this point the exact details of every class CC abilities for tanking for obvious reasons at this point, I'm glad its back to the Dungeon/Raid game. Anyway for now I'm having fun with quests, leveling and shaking some rusts off using skills.

Already had picked up a quest in Deepholm towards completing most the zone that ended up sending me to Uldum by way of Orgrimmar and already completing several quests already. So decided after finishing things mostly in Vashj'ir to head off to the sunny dessert once again to Uldum.

Things learned in Deepholm
Zone is full of node spawn for the valuable Eternium and the other Obsidion Ore but lots of Eternium. Most the mining I did was just mining heading while heading to a quest spot to kill something or complete a quest. Beating other players to nodes can sometime be a fun little mini game. Pays well on AH as well.

If you explore the underground caves in the Crumbling Depths they spawn lots of nodes inside it seems, at least while I kept going through there they did. Just got to fight the worms to get to some of them or get around them.

Most Dissapointing Thing So Far in Cataclysm
Well to me at least. No solution to storing a bank full of Tabards, Faction Tabards and unique Tabards earned that fills up everyone banks that been playing the game for years. Would of hoped Blizzard would of come up with a solution for that.

In five years of playing WoW i've taken literally hundreds and hundreds of screenshots and for the blog to pic and use. Eleven months away from WoW and i've almost completely forgotten how to take screenshots. Too good a hiatus I guess. Anyway I now play on a Mac Pro Laptop so taking screenshots is a bit different than using a Windows PC. Its probably different to when i played on my Mac G5 desktop before which no longer works for Cataclysm.

Though I do remember how to take a screenshot thanks much to it being the same way to hit the same keys as in playing EVE Online I can't remember in WoW how to clear the screen UI interface so as to take a clean screenshot. Which is a bit different keys to hit on a Mac Pro as compared to doing the same thing in EVE Online. If anyone knows how to clear actually the UI to take a screenshot in WoW on a Mac Pro laptop please let me know.

Too long a hiatus from any MMO and you can forget how to do allot of things sometime and get quite rusty at even basic stuff you once did without even having to think about it.


Joseph said...

"Hide interface" is alt+z on windows. Maybe apple+z or cmd+z? I'm not well versed in the ways of mac.

Ardent Defender said...

Thanks Joseph, alt+Z works thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Uldum! I'm halfway through the zone and I think it's my favorite so far. I now have a huge crush on Harrison Jones, his quests are just too awesome!

lonewillow said...

I think it's Shift+Alt+F3 to screen cap or something like it, Alt+Z to remove buttons.

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