Monday, September 24, 2007

Real Life Busy Weekend

Real life busy all weekend doing the night shift on the Job, so WoW time has been slim to little just to log in for few minutes and check mail and AH. Not much happening.

Did stop by the game store over the weekend to see what's new and happen to pick up the new "World of Warcraft Dungeon Companion II" Strategy Guide $24.95 for (ALL) tBC Instances (Include Heroics/Raid Instance Strategies) that's about it. Can find a bit of this info on various websites, but nice to have it in a book guide. Got all the level Outland Instance Bosses, Instance Strategies and tips so its a good read thru killing time at work. Actually its a really nice guide to get if your into the instances.



Leiandra said...

It even has the raid instances, correct?

Galoheart said...

Yeap. The new strategy guide has ALL the Outland Instances/heroics and strategy broken down as done by other top guilds and does also include the 10/25 man raid strategy. Its a nice read and since its in a book format much easier than having to load a website.