Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mastery of All Weapon Skills

Really you don't have to say much looking at the picture to understand it playing WoW. I don't know how many people ever really do that or even bother. A Brutal Accomplishment! Since around the low 20's always had 7 weapons in bag just weapons Galo picked up and use off and on for complete versatility even though the 1 Hand/Shield are his preferred weapons.

Used the 1 Hand weapons a greater part of the time especially from 50-70. Was tough with limited bag space to always have 7 different weapons in tow as I did use them all. I can tell you its not easy one bit to level 7 weapons to the max weapon skill. Quite frankly leveling a weapon is absolutely brutal! 1 Hand weapons action were ok. But leveling a 2 Hand weapon is brutal, it takes forever more like ETERNITY actually. Popping a Elixir for lots of Intellect helps to learn weapons skills fast and the stats also helps + BOK to boost it. Fighting unarmed is fun if you can believe it, but you would have to be a Paladin to actually enjoy that at 2.0 sec Fist Speed or at 1.43 sec speed with Crusader up.


Gamer Mommy said...

Eeeek! I remember when I got my first polearm and had zippo skill in it. Leveling something from 0 to 200 is very painful.

salud said...

grats. that is something I have to do...eventually.

Megan said...

Nice! I've still got to do this on my 3 major melee characters.. sigh.

Leiandra said...

Gratz. I think I got my wands up to 350. But then again... when do I ever melee with any real intent to inflict serious damage? Ah, the life of a mage.

Galoheart said...

Paladin have versality in that they can find all the various weapons usefull, maybe warriors too.

I guess if your a caster, your never going to be meleeing much, probably never to save your life, unless you draw agro from a pyro maybe.

Being able to use all weapons with complete mastery and versality just gives you options on fighting different mobs, questing, or grinding reps.

But it nice to know if Blizzard but a nice uber weapon as a drop on a boss, you roll and win it. Be nice to know if your a melee class you can Immediately use it with complete effectiveness vs not been skilled enough to use it as yet.

For me i guess it was, i can use this weapon, why not level it all the way up.

I have to say though the funnest skill to level up is Unarmed Skill as a paladin. With the Darkmoon vengeance trinket it procs insanely all the time. You do SOR damage with your fist just as much. A paladin fist does lots of damage with Crusader and SOR. To me best 2H weapons for me as protec i seem to find was ones with Stamina & Agility or dodge rating to use.

gt said...

Thats pretty nuts! Congrats on your determination.

Zerei said...

You know what you also got from the Ring of Blood? A whole bunch of money and potions! A worthwhile quest chain for anyone to go through, even if the end rewards are not desireable to you.

Galoheart said...

True you do get a boat load of Super Healing and Super Mana potions when you win the fights as well as gold.

They should have more Ring events like those.