Wednesday, September 19, 2007

First Time In Shattered Hall - Kicked the Boss Ass!

So finally got to Shattered Halls. Found a PUG group needing a Tank for this run and seems everyone was doing it for the first time. Great should be fun. Was a bit nervous first time in this instance and well I needed the practice with a group. We wiped a few 2-3 times on a few big trash pulls up to first boss and half way through to second boss in the big corridors with all the trash to the sides and the patrols. We figured it out after that what to pull.

A few Ill heals to late from the Shaman on a big pull and after I went down we all wiped except the Hunter. No one loss their cool which was great. Knocked down First & Second Boss all in one shot for the first time and we were rolling after that to Kargath the last boss. Cleared the last two Centurions. Tossed Avengers Shield and tanked Kargath in middle of the Arena there and never loss aggro, paid no attention to the adds just let them have the consecration ticks. Downed him for my first run and the adds ran away. He didn't drop a single loot I needed nor did the whole run either. All I got was a Blood Garnet & Shard from a DE item for the whole run. At least I completed the two quests and had some fun and practice. The group had fun and all was well with the world. May run it again later.


Salud said...

AoE Protection FTW!

SH is a tankadins’ dream. Once you learn how and where to tank the mobs, you’ll have no troubles. Plus you will never need someone to crowd control a mob.

Another way to tank the last boss is to tank him near the steps. When the adds run up the steps or within range, fire consecration. This will puts the adds on you and allows the team to focus DPS on the boss. The adds are non-elite so they should not hurt.

Nibuca said...

Wow! Congrats! SH is fun.. and because you need the rep for the Heroic key, you'll see it a lot.


Zerei said...

I agree with Salud, this instance is a lot of fun for a tanking paladin. Glad it went so well your first time through!

Galoheart said...

Thanks Salud.

Will try that next time i do that run. Yeah it was sure fun for a paladin than trying to CC anything. I guess I was the CC. Was loads of Fun.

Megan said...

I hated SH back in my noob days cause a wipe near the end meant a really, really long walk back.

But the 2Headed Ogre boss chat makes it all worthwhile!