Saturday, September 29, 2007

M.I.A in Outland?

Some days time just go by so fast I almost seem to wonder where time went sometimes. I guess I've been M.I.A doing some questing in Netherstorm and taking a break from the doom and gloom of Shadowmoon Valley. A bit of farming here and there for some motes and primals and a bit of gold for the gold warchest. An instance PuG in CoT and Botanica, but then again anything Instance related for Galo is all about PuGs and life in LFG. Rest of time just reading through lots of various posts on the Maintankadin Forum for sake of knowledge & mechanics.

I really need to post up my gear wish list when I have some time. Through some questing and AH upgraded a few piece of gear for gear improvement and did some enchants to the pieces so a bit of a improvement I would say for tanking. Defense is now up to 476, with about 196 Spell Damage. However no yet at gear goal but that's ok. Its not like I have a appointment with Kara anytime soon.

Did some quests for area 52 given by a Blood Elf and was off to killing ghosts and mana beasts and at end of a long chain picked up some leggings "Legguards of the Reolute Defender" a upgrade to a green Galo had before and nice blue piece so enchanted it with Clefthide Armor for +30 Stamina & +10 Agility. The Parry Rating make a lot of difference I can tell. Bought a new belt Khorium Belt off of AH to replace my green piece for 44g only difference your gonna laugh was +8 mana and it was blue. I'm severely mana starved these days the more defense I get and often going OOM when tanking. My mana is now way less than half my health, I actually remember not long ago when I had as much mana as health and almost more. Its not my wish list piece but it works for more mana till I get better, at least I invest in my gear. Picked up some new green boots "Warlord's Sarbatons of the Champion" I saw on AH real cheap for like 7g and never seen before by Auctioneer. Bought them right away as they had lots of defense rating +22 and 33 Stamina. So enchanted them for +12 Stamina also.

Aquired Cloak of Eternity off of AH for a bit of gold a blue piece to replace my green as it had a +36 Stamina and +23 Defense Rating. Went farming a bit for mats (Primals) and enchanted the new cloak with +12 Dodge Rating for much needed defense. All the replaced gear I still keep in Galo's bag as replacement gear for DPS greens as they have lots of spell damage. In Netherstorm questing picked up "Thalodien's Charm" from quest reward on a long quest chain in Area 52 by the Scryer Blood Elf's there that was fun to do at the Manaforges. Good reps and lots of Signets and Arcane Tome from killing evil blood elfs. At one point in the chain you had to go spying and got to get a neat blood elf sunfury disguise buff which lasted 10 min and can be reapplied at end of buff. Had fun with the disguise for quite a while and seen if you never turned in the completed quest with the special disguise you could always rebuff for the disguise as long as you had it. Dunno if that has any PVP use since no one can tell your armor from looking at it. But was fun so picked up the piece there on completion and the reps help. Half way to Scryer Exalted.

At best my gear is decent for now, though not at goal gear wise but its progress. Really need to replace my chest piece and could do with a upgraded libram. But all in time. With as much as I've spent on getting and improving gear I'm thinking Galo could have been half way to a super fast Epic Flying Mount to make questing and all else faster. In time I guess.

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