Monday, September 17, 2007

Sweating at the Steam Vault

Last week was a bit buy so not as much WoW play time. This week may be a bit busy since I really need to complete a ethics course working on for a important certification I need to renew before the end of the month that's like in 12 days. However did get some WoW time one the weekend.

Completed the group quests to start the Orgri'la quests finally by tanking and killing all the gronns in a PUG group. I really don't get much help from my current guild at the moment in Outland. Only a few people at 70 right now and most of them are never really logged on. But its ok. Was a bit hard finding a group for those gronn kills for that quest chain for a while. After been made King of the Ogres for a moment was off to Orgri'la to start the rest of that chains for Reps and Daily Quests. Seem they have a very nice shield there for Reps too, will try to get that too.

Spent a lot of time in LFG for either group quests for Instance. Did get to do a Steam Vault run with a PUG. First time there in the whole instance so was a adventure just to find the entrance to the place. Beginning was a bit rough, I got Feared a lot by the casters and it drew lots of adds.... yeah died there like 2 different times on been Feared during the run into other mobs and was always messy :( Took a while learning the place! Made it to the first Hydromancer boss tanking here suddenly died when she spilled a cloud of something, hell it happened so fast I could barely notice it been so close to her....died. I guess here at this boss if you tank her when she starts to spew a lightning cloud you need to move quick to avoid massive nature damage. Recovered and 2nd go went easily as group Warlock banished one of the two elemental guards. Failures are hard to admit, but its how you learn things to become better!

Getting to second boss was easier as well as the AoE fun with the gnomes as you have to kill them all so they don't repair the boss later when he calls for it. Tanked the 2nd boss fine, and died exactly the same time 2nd boss was downed seemed I missed a heal there somewhere. After than had to hearth out quick to repair, or possibly face broken armor at 20%. Getting to last boss was all cool, was in the swing and feel of things by now. At 3rd boss Kalithresh, we down him in no time for my first ever attempt on him in Steam Vault. Was hard to run out of mana from heals with Spiritual Attunement to return mana. All that excitement or sweating more like it, forget to hit F13 for a screenshot. Was all lots of fun all else and seemed I was only one never been there before. Picked up Ring of the Silver Hand for defense needs really on tanking set. Other than the defense rating on that ring my current ring equipped has better Stam and Intell. Only thing he dropped I could use. Was a good group for the most. Things I learned here: Pull a group of mob back if possible to safe zone to avoid been feared (Naga cast fear), kill the casters first as melee mobs are easier to deal with. Things for me to work on pretty much.

Overall still working on my gear though current gear is not that bad either. Most my gear is still decent for now just normal 5 man and as I run more Instance for defense gear and from faction reps for Kara later in time. I don't have any of the normal instance that requires keys as yet to enter, so yeah its slow going.

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