Monday, September 17, 2007

Soloing and Kiting With Avengers Shield

As a Paladin and a WoW player I'm damn good at Soloing, Instances need work though, but I'm aware of it thats important. I've never had a problem leveling Galo since been protec spec since level 10. Some people love Avengers Shield and some don't spec for it. But at 41 points it was a must have for me. Paladins don't have much to range pull unless your a Blood Elf and you can Mana Tap a Caster or have Linken Boomerang (Un'Goro) which I still have and carry in bag. As a Paladin you hate Casters to say the least. OK I damn hate casters so hate to pull them at range if can help it.

I found sometime it hard to gather up melee or physical hitting mobs all in one group to AoE. So often I like to play with Avengers Shield and toss it around for fun. I found just through game play you can pick a group of mobs by tossing Avengers Shield to hit as many as possible for aggro pull. Then immediately start to run into another group of mob close by and drop a seal on those other mob in a group or close by each other, the other mobs come running into melee range and all of a sudden you got AoE action. Easy does it, it works and I do it all the time, just watch for casters.

No one ever really taught me how to kite a mob, seems a usual for Hunters and those classes. Never knew what it mean't for a long time too. In Bone Waste Land in Terokkar Forest doing a quest had a hard time completing a quest to kill a Big Draenei Demon Levixus there on the platform there at Auchindoun. I often hate to ask for help on quests. So I tried to solo that guy at least four times. I hate to give up when Soloing! He got lots of HP and the infernals adds he spawns. Finally I tried to see if could kite him to the Elite Shat'ar Vindicator or to the camp there nearby. Took a while trial and error with Avengers Shield, he kept resetting. But it eventually worked kiting him. Good think I hit F13 often to take screenshots, forget I had the pic above.

At range toss Avengers Shield and Demon comes running looks kinda slow since he so big, I start running also. I immediately drop a low rank consecration for him to run through as it ticks. I make sure he still following using \ key (to see behind me) running forward. As soon as cooldown up on consecration I drop another. He still following, good he didn't reset and run back. Try to avoid running into add mobs along the way if can help it. Drop another low rank consecration, to tick off as he run through. This worked for me felt good! I got the Demon to the Elite Shat'ar Vindicator guards, the kiting worked. Only problem.... I had a lot of other adds from consecration walking into ticks as well as infernals. Demon got killed. So that kiting worked. Too bad though... I couldn't loot the Demon. With so much adds, I didn't do enough damage to it to be able to loot it. Quest not yet complete, so its a project to do it again for the skill and fun.

Avengers Shield = Fun (lots of Aggro), toss it around for pulling, toss it to hit mobs and run away to other mobs. Toss it around a corner to pull or and safer to hit Casters that way, break line of sight. Avengers Shield do miss sometimes also. If you Kite as a Paladin some other way love to hear about it.


gt said...

Avenger's Shield is my favorite Paladin skill. A close second is Exorcism which I use to pull/kite in Undead/Demon heavy zones.

Keystone said...

I killed a hunter with Avenger's Shield the first time I used it. We were both 60, and it was shortly after the BC release. I was in love at that point, but have since shelved my pally. It's not because I don't like pallies, it's because it's hard to respec once gear achievement.