Wednesday, December 5, 2007

12 Lessons I learned in WoW and other MMO's

This lesson challenge has been going around from all the way over at the Bronze Kettle as a challenge to just five bloggers. Yet its original starting point is unsure. It has spread like a plague to many other WoW bloggers tasking some of us to come up with five lessons learned from either playing WoW or other online games over 5 years. I read about this over at GMW. While no one has tagged me as yet, I just have that feeling it would just be a matter of time it reaches my little corner in this community. So I'm going to be a team player and post my own lessons as well. Least I can be is be a team player in good fun even if I have yet to be tagged. In no particular order.

1. Your reputation is currency. Its one of the most valuable thing you own in game that you cannot see, yet it can be easily damaged or squandered and become very hard to repair.

2. Friends are important in games. They can become more valuable that the game itself. Often they become the reason you log in and play long after you stop enjoying the game. WoW is the current MMO that I play. However SecondLife was my first MMO since 2004. I don't play there as much but i still log in from time to time and spend time with friends even though I've forgotten how to do everything else.

3. Having a good set of Bags is one the most valuable things in starting out at low level. Do i need to say more!

4. World of Warcraft is damn addictive plain and simple! That's just obvious.

5. Its not always the gear or spec of the player class, often its just the sheer skill of the person at the keyboard. How many times have we seen that play out.

6. Don't Panic! If the tank or player is confident in his ability back him up as best you can when thing look bad. Just don't panic you can often get through the encounter just fine if you just don't panic. Tank runs into Shattered Halls and pull the whole first room, don't panic it must be a P.Paladin

7. Some players are just total jerks and are best avoided. Will save you from being contaminated.

8. Being prepared is very important and save you a lot of wasted time and effort. Try Raiding and not being prepared. Try to run and encounter and being undergeared.

9. The importance of having a good and stable Internet connection. Try Raiding or running a Instance with a player with a bad one. Who still used Dial Up these days?

10. Setting some goals for your character will save you a lot of time wondering all over the place and not getting things done.

11. Don't socket expensive high level gear with cheap inferior quality gems! Be amazed what you see on some people when you inspect their gear.

12. You don't have to be a no it all. People will gladly give you all the advice you need to know if you sincerely ask for their help and not be a jerk. They will even write it down for you to read.

Ahh well I got twelve. Only meant to do 5 so did a few more than required. Oh Well I always go the extra mile for effort. There it is I did my part in being a team player.

*So who will I TAG? No one though I can think of many people's blog I do read. I just offer the challenge to be a Team Player in this Community and do yours. We all get to have fun together with this.


Light Of The Sun said...

nice nice i will make my own set of rules i have learned.nice rules btw. prot paladins are amazing heh

Zerei said...

So many of those points ring true!

Augustian said...

10. Setting some goals for your character will save you a lot of time wondering all over the place and not getting things done.

Definetly true. I suffer from altitis, gearitis, raiditis, questitis etc. I want to do everything and in the end get little done and often not in the order that I want it to get done. Concentrate and take things one at a time.

I love it how you are not pressed by gear or glory to start doing Karazhan and massive PvP, and I'm really impressed by that.

Manilin said...

All good ones Galo..

BRK's ( Big Red Kitty )has some as well... Some of which are hilarious..

Eerc said...

Thanks for saying hello on my site. Since my hello post got pushed off the page I haven't gone back to it.

I like your 12 and took your offer and did my own.