Friday, December 7, 2007

Week Update 12/07/07

Its been another one of those week on my work rotation schedule every few weeks where I work all week and all night on 12hr schedule. So with my long commute time back and forth to work on weeks like those there isn't much time to play WoW. However I do spend a lot of time thinking of the game. Anyway haven't done anything much this week, barely even had time to try and do 1 daily quest at that or any daily blog posts. Its almost 5pm in the afternoon and I'm just waking up for the day. However working on a blog post for the weekend and will put it up when I'm finished working on it, should be a interesting one.


Augustian said...

So what's your next goal going to be, other than the netherdrake mount of course.

Galoheart said...

Not sure as yet just what my next goal would be.

Just focusing on getting the Netherdrake Mount at the moment and when that is done will see what my goals are then.

One Goal at a time I like to think.