Friday, December 21, 2007

Tankadin Gear Gems and Enchanting Guide

I was crusing around as usual on the blog beat and Honor's Code had a blog post up on a Gem and Enchanting Guide for Tankadins. His guide was also attributed to a new extended guide post over on the Maintankadin Forums which I usually spend a bit of time reading. Really makes a huge difference if you know how to gem and enchant a Tankadin gear properly. Can save you a bunch from mistakes and from using poor cheap gems to socket good tier gear as well as enchanting. Don't play cheap with good tanking gear or tanking weapons. Do it right or be a dead tank!

Posting it here obviously to everyone else that it relates to to be able to find and read both guides over at Honor's Code and at Maintankadin Forum. So thanks to Honor's Code for finding it before I did. If anything you should really read his blog too which is linked above. He does have a excellent blog for a Tanking Paladin. Both are excellent reference guides if your not already sure which enchants to use for tanking gear and from where as well as how to gem your gear for needed stats. I know I can't remember everything so from time to time I myself have to re-read stuff to be sure including the stuff I forget sometimes. Will also post it in my guide section for Paladins of course. You may want to bookmark both the thread links that way I don't have to answer everyone questions LoL. Saves me allot of time.

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