Saturday, December 15, 2007

Faction Reputation Update 12/15/07

I just usually do this for me to check my progress on my Faction Reputation to see where I'm at and what I may need to work on over time all things otherwise. I say state of Galo's Faction Reps look pretty good as well as my Tanking gear which is completely Pre-Kara geared from getting all those Reps. Earned every faction Heroic Key on pre 2.3 requirements for Revered. Not bad for earning all that all in PuG's and almost all of it being just about Guildless the whole time.

Faction Reputation Update:
Silvermoon City:
Revered (7816/21000)
Thrallmar - Revered (3253/21000) - Need Exalted for something??
The Scryers -
The Shat'ar - Exalted.
Lower City - Revered (1156/21000). Need Exalted for Alchemy.
Keepers of Time - Revered (3628/21000). Need Exalted for Alchemy.
Ogri'la - Honored (4345/12000). Need Revered for the extra Shield.
Netherwing - Exalted.
Cenarion Expidition - Revered (13405/21000). Need Exalted for something??
The Consortium - Honored (7460/12000).
The Mag'har - Revered (8298/21000).
Sporeggar - Honored (893/12000).
Sha'tari Skyguard - Revered (6587/21000).
The Violet Eye - Friendly (369/6000).
Karazhan - Master Keyed


Augustian said...

Thrallmar Exalted-Stormcaller sword 160 spell damage and good stats.
Cenarion Expedition-exalted for flying mount.

GL and grats on the drake!

Galoheart said...

Will get the Flying mount from CE eventually soon. Thrallmar Exalted shouldn't be too hard its pally heaven at SH.