Friday, December 14, 2007

Netherwing Drake at Last - A Tank and His Mount

What do you call a WoW player like me? Here it is both "Dedicated & Determined". That's about how I do just about everything I chooses to do in WoW. I set a goal and I go after it with both Dedication and Determination. I don't procasinate about it or about getting the job done I just go out and do what it takes while having FUN!

Some people wander around and wonder how do I get to 70. Other's wonder how do they make money? You tell them, they decide its too hard or take too much effort. Some say gee it takes too long to kill stuff, gee that's too much a grind. Hey its all up to you. Some say I don't know if I can do that that's too much work. Some say I hate running SV or whatever because they hate PuGs or its takes too much effort to try. Some say I run it 2 times for X gear and it didn't drop. Run it again! I ran every Dungeon till every piece of gear dropped I needed just about hit Exalted in the process too. Dedication and Determination with sustained consistent effort gets results. I ran Botanica 8 times in one day hitting Exalted with Shat'ar in the process till Boss Lag finally dropped my gear, hows that for effort.

So what, if you want something what it takes! Get off you ass and quit complaining, be Determined to put the effort in and do what it takes to get the job done if that's what you want but have some fun doing it. Was it hard to get to 5200g for 300 riding skills and the Epic Windrider. No, but it took goal setting and long range effort. Was it hard to get Exalted with Netherwing from Neutral in 6 days. Took a Lots of Effort Dedication & Determination to set a goal and go out and get it done despite all else. Now I can make money faster with all the daily quests and while having the Epic Mount for Time Effiency. Mission Accomplished.

What's next: I think I'll just go out knock out my last 7k reps with Cenarion Expedition faction to get that Epic War Hippogryph Mount too, just for the fun of it. At least I will get Exalted out the way with CE for the effort. I can have a choice of which Epic Mount I fly around with on different days. I play WoW on my terms not by anyone else's rule.


Anonymous said...

Major props to your own determination in the game. I love the drakes and hope to someday have one as well. Hard work does pay off in flying colors (pun intended).

I was curious though, I still dont quite know the exact rundown of quests for rep. 2 dailies plus eggs? I thought eggs was 1 daily and couldn't be done so often?

If you're willing to share some wisdom either on my blog or through email please do :)

Thanks! Keep up the great work and writing :)

~One Among Many~

Galoheart said...

At Neutral with Netherwing faction you start off with having to report to Dragonmaw camp on Netherwing ledge which gives you reps from the Quest giver in Netherwing Fields in Shadowmoon Valley. Prerequisite is having 300 Flying skill and Mount.

You can do about 3-4 Quests/Dailies starting from Neutral. One or two the quests are one time quests for reps. If your a Miner/Herbalist/Skinner you get to choose to do One quest that match your skill for gathering for Netherwing.

There is a open quest for Reps from collecting Netherwing Eggs. Eggs are random and rare drops from island mobs or gathering Herbs from the Pollen or Mining on Netherwing Ledge. You can also find Eggs hidden all over Netherwing Ledge hidden among the crystals,in the mines or on the floating islands around. Eggs can be found in Dragonmaw Camp in Shadowmoon Valley. Its a Egg Hunt you can do for Reps on Egg turn in @250 reps a Egg. The thing is Eggs are NOT EASY TO FIND. YOU HAVE TO LOOK EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME.

The quicker you can get to Friendly you more daily quests open up. So do too at Honored & at Revered. Eventually you reach up to about 9 Daily quests including some one time quests you get to do at the different levels. There is one quest thats always in Shadowmoon Valley at Scryer or Aldor camp which you always have to remember to check and do easily or you will forget to do at Revered. So you want to get to Friendly-Honored-Revered as fast as possible. How you do that "Egg Hunt". Thats what I did. I went looking EVERYWHERE!

When you get to Revered your doing all the dailies you can do. Finding Eggs from Mob kills, Hidden Eggs, Mining & Herbalism (need Skill) or on island or Dragonmaw camp is how you find them. Those Egg reps add up allot if you collect a lot of them quickly. You want to always be turning them in as fast as possible for reps.

Thats about all i did. I collected pollens everywhere since i'm a herbalist. I searched everywhere all the time to find eggs. You can only hope your not on a heavy populated server as Egg Hunting is fierce competition. If your not finding eggs when your looking, someone else is beating you to it. Eggs also have a long respawn timer and have no idea what the timer is. Hence ALWAYS BE LOOKING.

Thats about it in a Nutshell. Doing all that gets you to Exalted or Exalted quicker!

Galoheart said...


1. Always be looking EVERYWHERE for Eggs! Including the mountain tops.

2. Do the Dailies - ALL

3. ALWAYS be looking for Eggs when out on Netherwing Ledge or in Dragonmaw Camp.

4. If your a Miner mine every Nethercite node or if your a Herbalist pick evey pollen. If you collect a ton of them no big deal. Over time you will eventually have to turn them in for daily quests at some point for gold.

5. Learn what a Netherwing Egg looks like and always be LOOKING for that fume the Eggs give off. I have a screenshot on blog of one.

6. Always Always be watching your back when your on the ground for the Acendant Dragonmaws they can sneak up on you easy and your not going to win. So stay off the ground unless you have to or stay mobile. Watch your self in the air for the patrols overhead. They will shoot at you if spotted.

7. If in doubt whether to kill a mob in the mines KILL IT I don't mean not the ozze things. For every mob you do not kill thats one less potential of a egg dropping. If anything the trash is worth gold as it adds up.

8. Look for Eggs for added reps. If you fail to understand what that means consult tip rule number #1.

*Yes it can seem a bit nuts to do. You only need to get to Revered Quickly and take however long you want to get to exalted. If you want to do it fast you just about need to follow all the tips above.

gt said...

Nuts but totally inspiring. You play the game the way you want to with your own goals. I guess that is the best way to do it. Otherwise its all burnout and hate! Congratulations :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the tips! I'm going to do an ol' copy 'n past for all of that. Come time for me to get the 300 mount skill - I can start doing this all. I'm still very far off sadly...I really need to bust my butt to get enough gold for the skill.