Friday, December 21, 2007

Alts, Making & Saving Money

Not bad for making money and almost making it all back after going broke not but a week or so ago getting the Epic Mounts. I think I can say I do OK at making money different ways in WoW and being able to hold on to it. Those dailies do help, so to your profession as well as selling skills. I use all my alts low level alts as storage bins for various things. I also was able to get a much needed 2nd bank tab slot purchased (250g) for my 1 man guild bank on Bodvar (lvl 13 Warlock). That means I was over 4ooog for savings minus bank tab cost. Bank tab has 1st tab full of herbs/gems and 2nd slot almost full of Elixirs and Flasks (Elixir Mastery). Did also buy back all the gems I sold running up to buying the Mount.

At some point maybe I think I should spend some time and write up a few money making strategies that I learn that have worked. Don't know what it is but those cloth wearing Alt Bankers my forever lvl 18 Priest and lvl 13 Warlock keep making me good money on AH selling stuff. If I keep this up I may pass Gwaendar over at Altitis who's being trying to hit 5000g to get his Epic Flying Mount. He always write interesting stuff. Waves and smiles at Gwaendar.

All my Alt Band of Brothers
Eshelon - lvl 20 Rogue
Gorias - lvl 13 Druid
Voodoolion - lvl 5 Shaman
Krathalas - lvl 10 Mage
Krovon - lvl 31 BM Hunter
Bodvar - lvl 13 Warlock (Banker)
Eternallord - lvl 18 Shadow Priest (Banker)

Some day I will give one of my Alt Brothers some love and level one of them up to 70 to prepare for WotLK before it comes out. I can use another level 70 character. Being playing my Paladin character for 11 months now straight almost time to give a Alt some love maybe.


Anonymous said...

At the rate you're going, you'll have an epic flyer for your hunter and your rogue before I get my first one

Horns said...

At some point maybe I think I should spend some time and write up a few money making strategies

Can't find your mail so I'll ask here, hope you don't mind (delete the comment np).

If you're interested in writing that as a 'guest post' on my blog let me know, I'm sure we can work something out. You would of course include a link back to your site in the post so you should get some traffic as well.
I'm also open to other suggestions if you have.

Let me know what you think!


Teresa said...

Hi! I found you via Girl Gone Wow, who I just recently discovered through some other blog. I really like your style! I, too have a lot of characters.

I'm leveling a solo protection paladin and I absolutely love her. She's level 53 right now. I'm not really into raiding (If I do any raiding, it'd probably be limited to Kara. I just don't have the time or inclination to do much more than that...yet), so she'll probably just tank for instances or if I don't care for tanking I'll switch to holy. I get a kick out of all the damage she can take, but I get performance anxiety when it comes to tanking, so we'll see.

Anyway, I've read through some of your archives and I really enjoy your blog. You have a LOT of great info here!

Galoheart said...

@Teresa thanks for stopping by. Nice to hear you have a Pally also leveling. From 60-70 is the best time to decide just what you wish to be at 70 will save you a lot of time and in gearing at 70 if you know how you wish to be at 70.