Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Bit Tired Lately

Haven't posted much in a few days due to feeling a bit tired lately so sorry for no regular posts. Some people have being dealing with crazy weather lately in my parts with really cold weather and dealing with that especially in my parts too in NC. However with my daily work shift cycles between night and day on a 7 day work schedule it can leave you a bit tired sometimes. Throw a bit WoW in between and your not just tired but quite a bit sleep deprived. Being both tired, sleep deprived and commuting 3hrs a day back and forth to work on 12 hr days well its easy to really feel down in the blues flat out tired. You have less WoW time and mustering up the energy to do a daily post becomes a lot more difficult to say the least. Hence no post last few days.

I also don't have a regular time I do any blog posts. I can post at any hour of the day if I can focus enough to write one. So just being resting up a bit for the last few days after long days mostly and just logging in WoW just to do my dailies out of habit and tend to AH auctions. Today was my day off. I woke up did a thing or two, did my dailies quickly on WoW log in as well as AH stuff and after logging off went back to sleep for the rest of day. In WoW I would say that's about the same as a doing a hard run at questing and XP and then crashing out at a local Inn to rest up a bit to regain health and rest bonus. Just about the same, yeah tired indeed!

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Sellia said...

My work schedule is similar to yours. I'm working on 12h day or night ... :-) Get some rest and come back stronger ! ;-)