Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Epic Endgame Guild Drama!

I'm glad people stop here to read in my little corner of the WoW blogosphere. If you have expectation of lots of drama from me, well sorry to disappoint you so far. Afterall I'm guildless in WoW remember. However many lessons can be learned in life and in playing WoW and much of it can be form the experience of others. We can write stuff about our adventure, how to play different classes and specs or theorycraft but what you can never quite convey to people is how to act in a social environment properly. A wise man one said the greatest of Wisdom is the wisdom gained from experience..... as long as its someone else's experience.

So I'll direct you over to BigBearButt blogger to get some Epic Drama & learn some Wisdom that you will no doubt learn much from. I encourage you to really read the whole post.

/cast Lay of Hands at BigBearButt Blogger

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Manilin said...

Read it... Thanks for the re-direct.. Hard to believe that a Guild would not only pull off a stunt like that but then to be proud that they "Stole" from another guild...? Fortunately I've not seen that or heard about it on my server and I hope I never do...