Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Galo's Karazhan Tankadin Gear Wish List

Should call it a Goal list for Karazhan however compiled a Tankadin gear wish list of Karazhan Boss Loot that I hopefully wish to acquire when I'm raiding Kara. At least that way I don't have to wonder when a piece of gear drops whether I need it or not. So its for my reference to mostly and which loot drop from which boss of items I need. Plan to keep this list updated and check off each item on it as I get it for my set. I'm not planning on collecting any Healing gear pieces so its not being listed, but if it drops and I'm only one that can wear it and I get it that's fine but its won't be gear pieces I'll be worried over or trying to collect.

Tanking Gear:

Boots of Elusion *Best* - Obtained 02/16/08

Vambraces of Courage - Obtained 02/09/08

Crimson Girdle of the Indomitable - Obtained 03/28/08
Moroes' Lucky Pocket Watch

Barbed Choker of Discipline
Iron Gauntlets of the Maiden - Obtained 02/15/08

Wrynn Dynasty Greaves
Gloves of the Fallen Champion - Token for Justicar Handguards

Shermanar Great Ring

Mantle of Abrahmis

Battlescar Boots

Shield of Impenetrable Darkness - First guild drop 02/23/08
Panzar'Thar Breastplate

Prince Malchezzar
Helm of the Fallen Champion - Token for Justicar Faceguard. First guild token drop 02/21/08

Optional Spell DMG Gear Items if can:

Spectral Band of Innervation - Obtained 03/18/08

Shadow-Cloak of Dalaran

Ring of Recurrence

Adornment of Stolen Souls
Ruby Drape of the Mysticant


Zerei said...

No Tier 4 for Galo?

Honors Code said...

There ae also a pair of boots called the Boots of Elusion that drop from any Trash Mob. I really like them for Boss Tanking. They give you over 2% Dodge.

Galoheart said...

@Honors, thanks for that one on the Boots of Elusion. Added it to my list.

Salud said...

Some of the Tier4 gear is not really good for a tankadin. imho I currently have the tier 4 gloves but I prefer the Iron Gauntlets of the Maiden

but nice checklist. i am still waiting for Moroes pocketwatch to drop

HolyWarrior said...

Nice list, that pretty much covers my tank set :)

I also prefer Iron Maidens Gauntlets (sic) over the T4 gloves.

I prefer the Battlescar boots over the boots of Elusion however; but that maybe because I've capped uncrit and uncrush (don't know stats as I am at work atm).

I waited so long for Vambraces of Courage to drop that I bought up the Vambraces of the Ancient Phalanx from the Badges of Justice Vendor, I actually think these are better and you can buy them after 1.5 clears of Kara; 35 Badges I think.

Guess what dropped the very next time I stepped into Attumens room?

DarthPaxis said...

I received the Eternium greathelm from Big bad wolf Tuesday night and it was definite upgrade from felsteel I was using from your uncrushable uncritable prekara list. I figured would mention it since you have made such a nice List of KARA drops and I do use your list so much figured others could as well.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, dont forget the t4 gloves from Curator and head from Prince. Whether you prefer the set gloves over the Iron Gauntlets of the Maiden is personal preference I guess.

Wulfie said...

I would reccomend taking the T4 Gloves token if it drops. The 2-piece T4 bonus is amazing for a good threat boost.

Galoheart said...

Thanks forgot to add the T4 Gloves.

Judith Dohmann said...

There is also a nice cloak with holy damage on it, which drops from Trash in Karazhan. There is no stamina on it. :(