Friday, May 9, 2008

Legendary Heroes

My recently created guild Legendary Heroes which is a PvE guild is coming along though slow coming for now, but that's fine. In a way its like a project to maybe get to build something for a change and see where the winds take it as a challenge. I'm not sure how great of a GM I'll make but I know I can lead and I think I'll do fine and in time. At least hope so.

Its taken quite a bit of effort and in some ways a distraction to maybe spending time running Heroics maybe. But its something different for a pace in WoW and at least I get to hopefully build something in preps for WotLK and do current game content as we get there.

So far I've created a guild charter and still working on it as work in progress. I created a Tabard which looks cool in design. Also figured out easily how to create guild ranks or modify them and created a guild bank for the guild with now 5 tabs. I think that's more tabs than most new guilds have but got to spend money on something. So that cost me in total around 4850g for 5 tabs with different levels of access tied to guild ranks. I'm far from broke to say the least.

For now now really as much a guild, just a bit of members lvl 10+ to 40 or so with about 36 members. Finding good quality members over time takes time and will have to go through quite a bit to get to find the good ones kinda like mining for Diamonds. I'm patient so not a big deal if things go slow for now building a guild from the ground up. I'm not chasing after this current endgame but the next so with that mindset I can take my time a bit with things as we get there. Dealing with new members especially lowbies is not the easiest thing in the world or WoW. Its a challenge to say the least in more than one ways. But its something different as far as WoW is.

I've being spending allot of time reading through various forums over at Tankspot and on the WoW forums as well. Lots of research reading, something I do allot of anyway. For now just setting sail I guess. Its something different for sure. I have time to plan and work towards the new expansion and maybe level up a new 70 maybe in the process.


Gothyelk said...

I wish you all the best in your new guild project - I'm sure you will make an excellent GM. I know from experience that it can be one of the most frustrating and one of the most rewarding aspects of the game.

forthus said...

My first ever guild was called legendary heroes Awesome coincidence
That guild was awesome but its end was not practically all 12 of us ended up raiding endgame in the end though so goodluck with your version