Monday, May 5, 2008

SSO Reputation & Dailies

A bit behind trying to catch up on my Shattered Sun Offensive Reps since being on Hiatus. Anyway doing Dailies for the most part with some deligence and getting all 19 Dailies done a few days now in a row. I'm now at about 16.5k at Revered so I estimate if I do one more full day of Dailies and get them all done I would be at Exalted or just about very close. Funny thing is Tank are being sought for MgT on my Server go figure.

I'm one that loves to grind out stuff for the he'll and fun of things. But to be honest doing all these Dailies is like a damn JOB in itself while going everywhere it seems. I'm doing it for the reps so it has a purpose but when its done I'm pretty much done with it unless I'm bored for something fun to do. I'm making a bit of gold as well cranking out the dailies but he'll I don't need more gold and though I'm not going to turn it down on the quests, I have gold and stuff to make gold coming out my ears. I have more stuff than I know what to do with it.

I'm dissapointed to say I have yet to run MgT or with a good PuG group. A few good friends have offered so I have a rain check on that on my own time. Anyway a PuG group wanted me to Tank a run of MgT so a Mage I kinds knew from doing the Kara PuG last week which is as much I knew about him. So it was a group formed by this Mage. Since I have yet to run MgT I said why not and was in.....PuGs as usual.

So I get summoned to the Instance in middle of doing my dailies taking reading in Nagrand for SSO quest. As soon as I entered the instance where the group already was the Mage was already pulling mobs. I wasn't even buffed yet. The group died and I haven't even moved yet. I'm like what gives. Group rezz and everyone gets buffed and get into action. I pulled the first group inside and we clear. I'm kinds learning my way here. Magical damage seems plenty. On the pull with the Warlock patrol the Rogue goes up and saps one almost at the circle square in range to pull adds. So we get adds, lots and we wipe. On rezz we run back and somehow by time I got back in instance the Mage had pulled the patrol again somehow which I could not figure why. The Rogue died, Mage died so I run back out when i see the mobs just getting inside the instance. WTF is up here!

After that the Mage quit his own group as he was the one that formed the group. The Rogue was pissed at the Mage and quit too. I was left explaining to the Priest Healer and Hunter that this was not going to work in short. So group dissolved and I went back to doing my SSO Dailies for reps. Just another day in my life I guess.


Krasna said...

Sound's like a familar story. I've lost count the number of times I have been invited to a group that wipes a few times from the very start & then people give up.

This always seem's to happen when my HS is also on CD, nothing better than a Black Morass wipe, the tank & Warlock HS & 45 mintues CD on my HS.

Your post made me smile, at least there other others who have suffered from this.

GigaWatts said...

I've only made it as far as the scrying orb after the second boss, and the only reason I didn't go on was because I had to leave in RL. That was the test realm, but the situation seems to always be the same, especially when there's a wipe on the second boss, everybody just wants to quit. When I tanked him as my holy pally, we got him down to 1%, but I forgot to Lay on Hands, which would have saved us, since I was the only one standing.

As for the dailies, I've got some "loans" to pay back, so though they are monotanous, they are in the same area, and pretty quick to do... and the money is great.

Anonymous said...

What am I doing wrong? I find almost all of the dailies very difficult or just extremely tedious as a Prot Paladin. Easily burn myself to zero mana trying to kill just one mob.