Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Screenshots: 2 Darknoids For The Party Plus

Taking down a group of Slayers Ok. A group of Slayers and a Shadowsworn Darknoid Fun. A Group of Slayers and 2 Shadowsworn Darknoid all at the same time...... a Party. Yeah Protection Paladins can do stupid stuff.


Gothyelk said...

LoL - yes! I have done that. Us protection Pallys do have fun in odd and twisted ways. :)

Anonymous said...

Galo baby, you're so brave!

Sometimes (often, really) I run through Hellfire and pull all the birds in the 3 areas they spawn and nuke them en masse. For the time put in it makes decent gold on grey items, +20 stamina food for 5-mans on regular, and is good for making friends.

Keep up the good work, honey.
<3 Iysis