Thursday, May 15, 2008

Altism Project

Thought I drop this Altism post in while I work on another post for over the weekend. I've being working on my Alt Project I set as a New Years Goal to level a new 70 before the next expansion. Especially given that I don't elect to raid much these days until the next expansion with WotLK. So since I only have (1) lvl 70 in all this time my Paladin I've being working on some my Alts to see which one I like and one or two alts to level up before the new expansion hits anticipated sometime later this year.

So my little 41 BM Hunter - Krovon and Boar (Ravvie) I've had for quite a while sitting at lvl 38 got him up to lvl 41 and got him a HawkStrider and he's adventuring in Tanaris learning ways of a Hunter. He also has a Ravager since lvl 11 but leveling 2 pets kinda slows things down so will just level with the Boar and get another Ravager for DPS later on if he ever makes it to 70. So far he's not a official BRK licensed DPS Hunter killer as yet. But someday maybe. Its just laid back fun playing on the Hunter. For now he's lost in Tanaris, which I've always liked as a zone.

I've made a few other alts and so have one of each single class now. So far the next winners seem to be my lvl 20 Enhancement Shammy - Voodoolion and my lvl 16 Feral Druid - Gorias. So far I prefer playing the Shaman since its melee and seems more like playing a Paladin sorta, yet playing the druid is interesting as well who could one day be a Doom Chicken. So far seems like I prefer to play Hybrid characters yet not in a Hybrid way. But for now I'm playing with the outlook preparing for WotLK especially since only have (1) lvl 70 character my Paladin.

Expect me to blog less often as well as I spend time relaxing and trying to leveled my Alt Projects before WotLK anticipated later the 2nd half this year.

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