Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Office Memo

Wondering if you've gotten the Blogs Office Memo? Well most if not almost all of the usual WoW bloggers it seems are either on vacation, vacation doing other things, taking time off, quit the game until WotLK, some gone on break, some are burned out, other are relaxing playing alts. Some have gotten tired of doing Sunwell dailies and decided to get busy at playing other games and are adventuring playing Age of Conan. You get the idea.

Hmm, did you get the WoW Blogosphere Memo Yet? I must have missed it.


Anonymous said...

It's probably due to one of two things (or a combination thereof):
* Summer is a-coming!
* Wrath of the Lich King

While I can understand the first, the second confuses me. When I hear people complain about how they don't want to raid any more because the loot they acquire will be promptly replaced by Northrend greens, I feel a bit sad. Acquiring loot is a wonderful way to play, but it's very one-dimensional; I raid for loot, to play with friends, to see new cotnent, and because I honestly enjoy it.

But, no, I didn't get the memo! And I probably started blogging at the wrong time.

Leiandra said...

Don't worry Galo. I actually stole your memo. I figured you wouldn't read it anyway, so I just threw both of ours away. :)

Galoheart said...

lol, so that's what happened to the memo.

I know i haven't been in the office as regularly so chances are someone misplaced the memo. Great. Sure can't read a directive if don't know what it said.

Wulfie said...

I wanna raid, but not everyone in my group seems to. And without raids, then my options are basically Age of Conan or boredom/thumb-twiddling.