Monday, May 26, 2008

Harsh Reality

I've being spending allot of time thinking and reflecting on things and as it relates to how I've played WoW and how I wish to continue playing the game in the future. I haven't being playing the game as much lately, neither have I written as much on this blog either of "My Life and Times". I logged into the game pondering things and trying to work on a direction and goal for my little guild. It like trying to do something different in how I play the game and those that are apart of it. Im very much a thinking player and methodical at times.

But as I've reflected on things of the past and what I want in moving ahead in trying to define exactly what kind of guild I wish to have and considering my style of play I've come to confront a very harsh reality.

I'm a HARDCORE Player! Duhh.

I've never ever define my playstyle as Casual. I've always said I'm just committed and dedicated to everything and anything I choose to do and with goals. Yet I'm not a Extreme Hardcore player either. I'm just a very laid back and relaxed player in how I play WoW. Im not sure it this is surprising to the very long time readers here of the blog to not have noticed this. So I started to think just how is it I'm this kind of player as defined.

Im a Self Starter as a player and driven by other game forces other than the norm. Im willing to swim against the tide of conventional vs just blindly following everyone else along. The other thing is I'm very accountable to myself and character as a player and the fact that I'm very committed and dedicated by choice as a player makes me as such. HARDCORE.

I've now come face to face with this reality. So in wanting a small and agile guild with like minded players I guess it will probably reflect my playstyle as well to some varying degree of like minded players. That I forcast is not easy to find.


Paul said...

Will tell you if you can run it. looking at your WoW screenshots though, you seem to run WoW fairly high with a bunch of add-ons easily, so you might get away with AoC on low.

As for your HP, 15k unbuffed and uncrushable is fine for starting T5 content. Hell you could probably AoE tank Hyjal with that.

Karl said...

What I've come to realize is that I am a hardcore solo. Most mistake this as a casual, as a rarely group anymore, but I'm much more serious than a typical solo player, knowing my class and gear almost as well as hardcore raiders. RL time issues is the main problem, as I don't have consistent 3 hours where I can be undisturbed.

The problem is that once you get tired of rep grinds, there's not a lot to do at 70, except gather gold.

Hopefully the new 10-man progression and shorter instances in WoLTK will allow me to get into groups more.

Galoheart said...

@ Paul thanks for the tip on AoC. May pick go back and pick it up and reinstall it and see how it works out.

@ Karl understand that. I'm somewhat like that as well. My playstyle is very much Solo obvious as it says so at top of blog. But yeah I'm focused solo when playing and just go non stop in whatever I'm doing in whatever block of time I have or limited time. I'm usually figuring things as I go along. When leveling I try to max my professions all out at same time leveling as well to keep it all in sync.

But its certainly not casual. Yet I'm relaxed in how I play as its just my style of play. I'm not a person who really resort to asking for help. I just use my brains to figure things out or at least adventure and explore to find things. I can group and quest but if people are very casual in quest group it slows me down or having to wait on others depending on things.

In instances or raid I always plan ahead and prepare and be fully ready to anticipate the worst so I bring all I will need. I'm not one that likes to waste time in raid groups. Yet I like to have fun. Their is a time to relax and chill out and a time to buckle down and play hard serious to get through and encounter. Certainly not the casual approach either.

Other things I'll do to get a sense of accomplishment that only matters to me because its there to do and focus on it. Everyone plays WoW individually different to their own style of play. That's kinds mine. And though I've never considered my play style really Hardcore, its certainly that compared to most players of WoW. Dunno maybe its because I'm a but older as well.

Karl said...


I grouped when I had a solid team that I ran with. But trying to pug drives me crazy, so I'll only do it for a quest after I die a few times trying in myself. :-)

I get satisfaction from being able to complete things, and not from relying on random drops and dancing on the mailbox. Yeah, maybe it's because I'm older as well.. :-)

Rohan said...

Heh, Galo, this is why I maintain that you might enjoy cutting-edge raiding.

I saw a post on the Raid & Dungeons forums which describes this, and I thought of you:

"Raiders invest a great deal of time into serious raiding. It's not something that can be done by casuals - not because they lack the ability, but because they either lack the time or simply don't wish to commit to the demands of hardcore raiding. Many of them let it go to their heads for some reason, but anyone who's been in a top guild before and isn't afraid to be honest about it will tell you that "skill" has little to do with it.

More important than skill (although obviously you want the most competent people you can find) is the willingness to devote your time to progression. Raid guilds want people who are in it for the long haul. They want people who won't burn out once they get a few epics and quit.

The truth is that most people don't meet this requirement. Most people will be very excited to see new content and participate in bleeding-edge raids initially, but once the novelty wears off, the reality sets in. It takes a very dedicated person to stick around when you're wiping over and over again every night trying to learn a tough new encounter. It requires even more dedication to run the same tired, old content to gear up new members so that they can help you progress on newer bosses.

A casual player will say, "Look. I play this game for fun, right? And I'm not having fun anymore. Thanks for everything, guys. But I'm quitting. Good luck!" "