Friday, May 9, 2008

Gamespy WotLK Interview with Blizzard

I just saw this over at WoWInsider earlier that Gamespy recently had a exclusive interviewed with Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan about WotLK and about Death Knights. Its Interesting with a bit of details about the coming of Death Knights and how they somewhat going to work as tanks. Think cross of Magical tank with a feel of Fury Warrior and Enhancement Shaman kinda if you can imagine with ability to summon creatures and cast DoT diseases and all the rune magic stuff.

Anyway I rather you read the article your self as well as watch all the video clips of the WotLK scenery. WotLK has some amazing and spectacular scenery to check out all the exclusive clips as well as the 10 min video clip interview of Jeff Kaplan.

I'm guaranteed to roll a Death Knight and roll him all the way to lvl 80, but that's well after my Paladin has first gotten to lvl 80 in the new content. Updated: Also read Matticus review of all the hubub.

Article Link:
Gamespy exclusive of WotLK with Blizzard.

Death Knight class revealed via WoWInsider.

Will Imbed the Streaming Video's here also. HI-RES Version a better view.

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