Thursday, May 15, 2008

How To Convince Tanks to PuG.

Saw this article How To Convince Tanks To PuG over at WoWInsider and as one of the rare Tanks that have and continue to PuG all my Instances. Some with a friend or two but most as a PuG. I have to say I endorse this well written article piece by "Allison" which is one the best articles I've seen on WoWInsider. More can be said, but I endorse it.

I think its a good piece to read by all who run in 5 mans and Heroics PuG's often. You may not. But all my Heroics are completely all PuGs and much of whats mentioned over my experience I have to agree on. I have no fear of PuGing because I have lots of experience PuGing... all of my tanking is actually. However you may want to hop the link above over and check out the article yourself if your reading here.

On another note the biggest things for me as as a Tank that PuGs quite often usually its Heroics because I'm farming Badges is, if someone /w me and can't ask me nicely to PuG for their group chances are you likely to get nowhere. Take that for whatever you can imagine it means! If you can't ask me in a full sentence nicely I have no obligation to answer you either. And if your being a jackass or insulting someone else in the group on the run I'm in, chances are very good that you will never make it to my friends list to ever get first consideration when I'm doing another PuG run and looking for another dps or healer. On another note, when a Tank outgear a regular instance other than Heroics maybe chances are they probably will never go back and run it again for less than a very good reason.

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Anonymous said...

It's always good to see a fellow player who PuGs extensively! I'm a chronic PuGer and weeks will pass between the times that I do join a group with friends.

Since I'm usually the group's healer (when I'm not huntering), by far the hardest slot to fill has been the tank. Like you noted, I've found that being polite and typing coherently (though I'm on a roleplaying server and my girl doesn't exactly speak properly, ouch!) usually gets good results.

Sometimes, though, I wish I could meet the tank of my dreams who would PuG with me on a frequent basis. Wouldn't that be awesome?