Thursday, October 2, 2008

Confidence in the Light or Just Doom and Gloom?

That is once Valiant "Crusader of the Light" above that through his valiant effort hang on the brink of death hanging on with his dare life as you attempt to to save one Valiant Crusader on a mighty quest (Argent Crusade Quest). He had more confidence in your ability to save him as a stranger than most Paladins have in their class being given a chance of being fixed or being better than it was before. Very awesome quest by the way!.

So according to the very unscientific Poll we had with asked: Do you have Confidence that the Paladin Class will be Fixed? We had a total of 144 participants excluding myself (Thanks for Participating :) as well for the results:

Yes: 79 (54%)
No: 43 (29%)
Don't Care: 22 (15%)

Seems more people have some confidence we will be be a better class than we were before in tBC come WotLK or have some Hope In The Light. I have confidence that the class will be much better than it was before in tBC as well that the Devs are trying to fix things in this expansion more so than previously where they hampered things.

I'm not saying I expect the class and each spec to get everything it asked for as Paladins do ask for a Ton of things with endless QQing on the Forums or Beta forums. I don't expect that Protection Paladins as a whole will be equal to Protection Warriors who hold the benchmark bar for Tanks but do hope the differences are small. I do expect us to be close with the ability to perform well with a player being a skilled Tank in a good group and can rise above his shortcomings whatever they are.

Having said that their are min/max guilds and players in WoW and their will continue to be those players who continue to crunch numbers and min/max every way conceivable because that's what they do. I'm sure if some can squeeze a nickle out of a quarter as it relates to the game they would if they could. But I think we will be OK despite the short comings here and there. As their will always be some things designed the way they are as designed by Blizzard because its their game.

I'm only here to play their successful game, not to tell them how to remake their own game but do provide constructive feedback though as well. But I do have confidence we will be better off. I guess I'm a bit optimistic vs being constantly pessimistic that the sky is always falling ever sec on the Paladin class with a need to QQ about every detail. But then again I don't spend my time QQing either nor do I ever do it on this blog either. Its not all gloom and doom before WotLK. We will be better off this time around, but that's just my take being optimistic with some confidence of things. Of course I'm more than sure some may not think that way. As some is looking out for their own class self interest.


Honors Code said...

I love the Paladin class, and I'm having a ton of fun on Beta. I'm hoping for the best.

Galoheart said...

I'm having a lot of Fun. Love my class to. How else could I play it this long. Yeah hoping the Devs at Blizz "Keep seeing the Light".

Christopher said...

You might have to trademark " Keep seeing the Light", Galo j/k : )

I like the way they are moving us, as the expansion goes. Sure, there is always things that can be done and there is stuff that people will always QQ about. In the end though, without a doubt...we are more fully prepared this time around than TBC. I was one of those that voted Yes, that I think it will be fixed...but like with everything, in time.