Friday, October 3, 2008

WotLK Beta: Current Tank Gear at lvl 80 and 540 Defense.

Mostly making this list for myself and future reference or to later update it for reference. Current gear at lvl 80 in WotLK Beta with minimum 21K+ HP, 5644 Mana, 540+ Defense (Uncrittable) depending on which Trinkets used. All gear enchanted with minimum of lvl 70 Enchants and some WotLK Enchants as obtainable as most are just way to expensive in Beta.

The Crusader's Resolution. Quest Item with The Argent Crusade in Icecrown. Enchanted with Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector from Argent Crusade Revered.

Burning Skull Pendant. Unknown Heroic Drop I luckily picked up on AH at astronomical price. This was upgraded from the Amulet of Deflected Blows I had picked up also from Utgarde Pinnacle lvl 80 Dungeon.

Crusader's Square Pauldrons. Dungeon BoE Item drop from any mob in regular Cot - Stratholme lvl 78-80 Dungeon. Enchant Greater Inscription of the Knight (Scryer Enchant). Upgrade enchant would be Lesser Inscription of the Pinnacle from Sons of Hodir Faction Honored.

Cloak of Peaceful Resolutions. Faction: The Wyrmrest Accord - Honored. Enchant Cloak - Titanweave.

Reanimated Armor. Dungeon Boss Item drop from Utgarde Pinnacle lvl 80 Dungeon. Enchant Chest - Exceptional Health.

Svala's Bloodied Shackles. Dungeon Item drop from Utgarde Pinnacle lvl 80 Dungeon. Enchant Bracer - Major Defense.

Daunting Handguards. BS Crafted Item. Enchant Gloves - Armsman.

Tempered Saronite Belt. BS Crafted Item. Has a Eternal Belt Buckle socket added. I put a +21 Stamina gem in the Belt Buckle. Upgrade Belt would be from dungeon The Oculus: Girdle of Obscuring.

Special Issue Legplates. Faction: The Argent Crusade Honored. Enchanted with Jormungar Leg Armor Kit. Bloodstone Gem. (Current)
Daunting Legplates. Previous leggings from BS crafted before upgrade.

Slaughterhouse Sabatons. Dungeon Boss Item drop from Cot - Stratholme lvl 78-80 Dungeon. Enchant Boots - Greater Fortitude.

Ring 1
Solid Platinum Band. Dungeon Quest reward Item from quest to Gundrak lvl 76-78 Dungeon in Zul'Drak .

Ring 2
Dragonflight Great-Ring. Dungeon Boss Item drop from The Oculus lvl 80 Dungeon.

Crusader's Locket. Quest Item reward in Icecrown on Argent Crusade quest.

Scarab of Isanoth. Quest Item reward in Dragonsblight.

Horn of Argent Fury. Quest Item reward in Zul'Drak on Argent Crusade quest.

Seal of the Pantheon. Dungeon Boss Item drop from Halls of Lightning lvl 80 Dungeon in Storm Peaks.

Indestructible Alchemist Stone. Alchemy Crafted at lvl 75.

1H Weapon
Eternally Folded Blade. Dungeon Boss Item drop from Halls of Lightning lvl 80 Dungeon in Storm Peaks. Enchant Weapon - Potency. The WotLK upgrade enchant to this enchant seems really mislabeled with AP vs a new Strength upgrade enchant for WotLK. Good WotLK Enchants as also very hard to try and get with mats that require a epic item DE for shards also. Better than no enchant at all.

Titansteel Shield Wall. BS Crafted Item. Enchant Shield - Exceptional Stamina. This shield replaced my BS crafted Saronite Bulwark.

Libram of Repentance. Upgrade Libram of Obstruction with 15 Emblems of Heroism to purchase in Dalaran.

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If you plan ahead in WotLK having some mats can make things easier eg Arcane Tomes for Shoulder. Saving all green gear while leveling to get DE for Dusts, Shards and Essences. AH prices were astronomical in Beta. I had actually saved up every piece of green BoE gear collected in Beta from 70-80 sent to my alt and later had them all DE by a enchanter for mats which made it easier for me to afford and obtain gear enchants.

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