Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Frozen Wrath is upon Us!

Not much happened over the weekend as i didn't play much of Beta. For what i did play i just went and did some Ice Fishing to see what was there but otherwise i just went exploring over the various zones abit finding new things. WotLK looms everyday closer and closer everyday and the Wrath can be felt.

The Financial stock market is in metldown as well as the global financial markets. The Azeroth economy as well is in meltdown mode as speculators and others alike dump their excess inventory in preparation for WotLK. Players are doing other things than raiding and finishing leveling Alts and such. But the Wrath is already here and being felt in Azeroth and the World as well.

WotLK will be here in full effect in just barely over 30 days. The time to prepare is NOW. The time to finish getting your Azerothian lifestyle in order is NOW. Don't wait till it's too late to get the most important things YOU personally need to get done later. If you haven't started as yet, better start getting it done NOW being prepared to face the frozen Wrath of Northrend.

Don't wait, get things done NOW! Finish getting all your needed Achievements worked out NOW, not Later.

Future Blog Posts:
1. Leveling in WotLK 70-80.
2. What I learned from WotLK Beta.
3. How not to go Broke in WotLK.
4. Profiting in WotLK.


Karl said...

How about a post on how to prepare for Wrath?..

My list sofar for once the patch hits..

1) Learn new ret rotation and spec

2) Learn new hunter rotation and spec

3) level 3+ new pets to 70 prior to wrath

4) Go on as many badge run on nerfed raids as possible for filling gear slots (since the dps rings won't drop in Kara..)

5) Farm gold as best as possible in the crashed economy...

Galoheart said...

@ Karl. That's a good one, will try to do one for:

"How to Prepare for WotLK" based on what I know.