Saturday, October 25, 2008

Loosing the Dedicated Faith..

All this class nerfing and knee jerk reaction by Blizzard to entire Paladin class vs pin point problem fixing have finally given me a super damn migraine the size of Texas. I hate getting migraine headache worst than anything. If you ever had one you know whats its like. I get them maybe once or twice a year with high mental activity. Its a day later and I still have this forsaken headache and I'm still upset another reason why i probably still have it triggered by all this damn nerfing.

I'm going to be honest that I'm starting to really loose all my faith in Blizzard & the Devs when it comes to Paladins as a entire class. Whether in fixing the various problems of the class or of each respected tree with PvE and PvP implications or nerfing the entire class to fix one spec it all sucks. Though I can do it, I sure don't want to fight tooth and nail to have to grind all the way to 80.

I can only hope many of these changes don't go live. But for me it doesn't matter anymore the damage is done and even my eyes hurt from this triggered migraine as well. When I woke up today still with this cursed headache It dawned on me that my days may be coming to a end. I remember the feeling I had when I knew I would soon quit Secondlife which I played before starting WoW. Their is no alternate to my main. Their is no recrossing the bridge to reroll some other class and there is no hidden alt to switch to and no desire to play another. I've being dedicated to playing my one character out of passion for my class for a very long time. And when that passion is finally gone so will my faith and all else of my Life and Times.


Al'Exodus said...

Warhammer online, anyone? ;)

Hagu said...

I was thinking Eve rather than WarHammer.

I do not think Bliz is through ruining Holy Pallys, but, perhaps because it happened first, I suspect I will remain more angry about what they did to Warlocks.

GW's comments about bliz rethinking healing has me expecting healadins to be much more complicated, further behind priests, and benefitting little from spirit.


Paedolos said...

Well, first of all, I hope your head feels better soon.

Now, regarding nerfs etc.
I think it is a bad tactics to lose faith. With everyone getting so down by changes, people are creating a bad atmosphere to play in. All those "threats" to move to other games, they do nothing to help, and certainly don't affect Blizzard. The worst they do, is they create a sense of apathy to what is going on, as there is no attachment; it's simply "another" game.

I have a Protection Paladin, and I enjoy playing him very much. Yes, I haven't felt the impact of those upcoming nerfs yet, but surely, will it be worst than pre-WotLK? I hardly believe it will, when it took me 30+ seconds to kill a single mob, and I'd run OOM after it.

Even if they nerf some of what they'd given us in beta, we still end up much improved.

And finally, in an MMO, it is never a final version.

Have faith, it is important.
(and do feel better)


Galoheart said...

Actually still have the headache,not as much as yesterday or the day before. But much less, so feels better.

Ripcat said...

Keep the faith.

We've come a long way as tanks. We're NOT going back to our pre BC form. Things may change, but face them head on. We're paladins, we're strong and stalwart defenders. Regardless of what happens, I've grown to love pally tanking and whatever obstacle bliz puts in my path, I'll overcome. They're still working to make sure each tanking class is viable and they tossed out some fixes for Ret which affect all of us. I sincerely believe that things will be fixed to keep prot pallies on par with out tanking brethren.

Remember, I'm pulling for you. We're all in this together. (Red Green)

and I'm glad you're feeling better :)

Calle said...

I found a few lights in the dark when I was going thru the 9138 tallent tree.

Shield of the Templar(3/3): Now also reduces damage taken by 3%

Hammer of the Righteous: Now causes 4 times your main hand dps instead of 3.

Well, that's the good news I could find. Why they had to nerf the protection seals and protection mana regen just because Ret has to much burst dmg is still beyond me.

Palemedes said...

I hate to say it but this needed to be done. The last 2 full ZA clears my guild has done it's been an absolute joke and me (Ret pally) and our Prot pally MT have been #1 and #2 in damage done.

Blizz has already said that if the changes hit Prot and Holy too much then they'll reevaluate things.

Corey said...

Just wait until Aion comes out :) Go and check out some video clips of it. It is going to be the WoW killer!