Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scourge Invasion Mobs now Give Argent Dawn reps

Was out leveling up my Herbalism on my Hunter and run into one the attack areas and started killing the Scourge Invasion mobs for fun. Noticed they now give 10 Argent Dawn reps each for killing any of the Scourge mobs along with the Necrotic Runes which seem to drop more often now. This must have very recently changed. But they now give reps as well as they also now drop several quests also since I picked up like 4 quests. The Shadow of Doom which you summons I know gives 100 reps if killed and 30 Runes of loot which it did give before, just all the mobs now give reps it seems.

Since had the place all to my self for quite a while racked up almost 3K reps with the Argent Dawn alone their all by myself and a bunch of Necrotic Runes till I was out of ammo. So more places and mobs to get Argent Dawn reps from if your grinding it as well as Baron runs in Stratholme.


Joseph A. said...

Awesome! I'll need to take advantage of that.

Random question, but how goes the soloing for protadins post 3.0.2? Is it pretty solid/mana efficient?

Kaziel said...

Once you hit revered, I believe it stops giving rep from the trash mobs. OTOH, the Shadows of Doom (of which I can damn near solo one of them...) still give 100 rep past revered.

To Joseph, the soloing ability of a Protection Paladin is either very bad or utterly ridiculous. If you're soloing small amounts of mobs, it'll be a bit hard (but so much easier than it used to be) since you will probably still be losing mana. But, if you have a decent amount of avoiance, put Blessing of Sanctuary on you, keep Holy Shield up and use Judgement and Hammer of the Righteous every time they are up. Last night I was duoing with my girlfriend on the Scourge invasion members, we'd pull large groups and I would, literally, never run out of mana I was dodging, parrying, and blocking so much. I actually started using Consecration and Exorcism every time they were up just because I had full mana all the time (was making sure I'd use Holy Wrath when it was up since it's now instant and has a stun component).

Also as a side note, when soloing 68 or higher mobs I usually keep Seal of Light on me and use Judgement of Wisdon to minimize downtime. Since the Judgements now do damage no matter what seal you have active, you aren't giving up as much damage to decrease your downtime. Under that, you won't take a ton of damage, so SoW/JoW combo.