Thursday, October 9, 2008

Inscription and Leveling the New Profession

Banana Shoulders writes a great blog and has a great guide list for leveling the new Profession of Inscription for WotLK which arrives as of patch 3.0 when it goes live. It looks to be a fun profession or for a Alt as well. So here is the links so you can head over there and get cracking for a head start in preparation.

Inscription Guide Leveling

Inscription Leveling Guide V1.2

If your a Herbalist like me get cracking picking flowers and making profit because Inscription will not be cheap. Glyphs are also not cheap either in Beta either. Hell Alchemy may get even more expensive if anything or profitable.


Aerophilia said...

Guess what I'm doing this weekend lol

Galoheart said...

Picking herbs i'm sure.

Aerophilia said...

Herbalism leveled to 289 on my alt, I must admit I was a bit slack.

But I did also regem all my gear & have 3 Str/Stam gems to replace SpellDmg/Stam gems come wednesday.

Oh yeah and now I have The Unbreakable Will waiting with a nice Mongoose Enchant.

I'm looking forward to tanking Bruttalus on wednesday! :D