Thursday, October 2, 2008

WotLK Beta: UnCrittable in Beta?

With all the Beta testing of content. How hard is it to get to 540 Defense? The Uncrittable cap seem to be 540 Defense or 690 Defense Rating at least which gets you to the Uncrittable level at 80 by a lvl 83 Boss. As well the only big defense cap you seem to have to worry about for WotLK as well for a Paladin or Warrior Tank.

That didn't seem to be all that hard to get to in my opinion if you've given it some effort and done some fairly easy quests, the Dungeons themselves and the quests they give. As well Dungeon Quests does give some really nice item rewards. Also including a few pieces of BS crafted gear if needed, much of which I already had on already. That's pretty much all I did and just focusing on improving gear pieces really which are all blue in every slot except one or two AP trinkets just switching them around. Currently at 20.7 HP and 5734 mana in the screenshot.

I have all the gear enchanted yet not all the very best enchants as yet due to mats cost in Beta at astronomical levels and ability to obtain some mats. The hardest thing to obtain was getting the Epic Shield crafted which I wrote about previously which took a bit of effort getting some mats and some farming. Then transmuting over days to get the required mats from that. Not very hard it was all around but nothing like crunching numbers trying to get to 102.4% with gear for uncrittable and uncrushable in tBC.

Recent Patch Changes.
With the recent Patch Hammer of the Righteous (HotR) now does 4 x Character Sheet DPS which is still based off of having a high weapons dps. The spell still read as previous and has not being updated as yet in the tool tip. That DPS is modified by AP as well from buffs. Seal of Corruption/Vengeance has had some damage reduction change of some sort done to it again but most noticeable in the ticks which previously ticked for 10 now ticks for 5 on a target. I'm just really clueless with that change to say the least.

I've heard Sacred Shield may have being changed though the spell tool tip is unchanged but I haven't tested it to be able to tell. Devine Plea now has a 15 sec duration vs 10 sec and seem to affect Holy Paladins more but I do notice the change as Protect as well.

*If I have time will update this with the gear pieces I have on.

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