Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Just being MIA for a few days really in a obvious way. Work and stuff working days and nights back and forth loaded up with caffeine all the time makes one a bit tired at times so just being catching a break otherwise. As well haven't really played any WoW much for days. But I'm here around the office reading other blogs and stuff may work on a draft later of something. Knows patch 3.0 hits today as well and it wont have all or every Beta changes in them either.

Paladin on Patch 3.0
Lore on Paladin Paladinning

Honor's Code on Preparing your Tankadin for Patch 3.0 guides.


Karl said...

Seems that they are deploying an old build today anyway.. not even the latest from the PTR. (Likely they didn't package the latest for the background downloader).

But GC's comments are freaking everyone out, so the servers should be really fun tonight..

Galoheart said...

Will be fun day/night tonight :) It'll get fix eventually if it aren't.