Saturday, April 18, 2009

5 Reasons For Loving Exorcism in 3.1

Have being playing around just like you with all the new good stuff from the recent patch 3.1 and for the most trying to get used to some the new Paladin class changes as well. But I have to say with the change of Exorcism now working on "any" mob and critical hit on Undead & Demons I'm really loving the change. I feel like i'm now doing more dps as well. Let thy mob feel your righteous wrath.

Five Reasons to Love Exorcism.

1. Its more usable as a spell "now" than previously. Before it only worked on undead and demons. Now after patch 3.1 you can now use Exorcism on "any mob" and feel real righteous doing it. Thumbs up on anything undead or demon which now goes critical on hit. 

2. Its a DPS boost as well for the Paladin. If you have the spell glyph for Glyph of Exorcism its 20% extra damage for dps and threat as well.

3. Its on a 15 sec cooldown so you can use it quite often with the short cooldown. Running around questing and farming I pull ever single thing with exorcism. Allows much easier flow to get HS up and then Shield Slam with ShoR.

4. You can use Exorcism to range pull "any mob" or any single target you like  with high dps and initial threat.

5. Using Exorcism now gives you another single range pulling tool (30 yards) in your bag of spell trick on "any mob" without always having to rely on Avengers Shield (AS) which is on a 30 sec cooldown for a range pull. Nor do you have to rely on Judgement pulls either at 10 yards when AS is on cooldown before your trigger happy dps starts blasting before you even hit the mob. And if your range pulling Undead/Demon its pure goodness again. 

Bonus: Exorcism has a much lower mana use cost at 8% of base mana vs  Avengers Shield at 26% of base mana. It makes a noticeable  difference.

Extra: You can fire Avengers Shield away at a pack of mobs and then fire Exorcism right behind it for even more goodness on "any mob" for a pull and more initial threat if you like.

Now you can feel more righteous as a Paladin and purge all those mobs with a bit of Exorcism goodness. Hot sauce if its Demon or Undead.

On another note: My guild will take a shot of a peak inside Ulduar this weekend. Too bad i'll be busy working the night shift at work all weekend :( 

I also cleared the week so far since patch 3.1 up over 2500g from AH (Wall Street for me) just selling Glyphs on my lvl 58 DK with inscription 360. Good Week! Guess I can buy a dual spec with the extra funds :)

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