Sunday, April 5, 2009

8 Mile Marathon of Persistence.

Determination and Persistence while continuing to persist can get you a long way despite repeated setbacks if you just sometime decide do whatever it takes. Its Blue Trinket, its not Epic but its a damn nice trinket. The effort to arm wrestle it from Loken eight times in a row was EPIC!. I can be pretty damn persistence when I need to and was going to keep it up until he did.

Think its a loot conspiracy by Blizz on the loot tables because on ever single run before loken dropped plate fists which no one in all 7 runs could even use. Last week sometime Seal of the Pantheon dropped in HoL and a Ret pally needed it from me (tank) for his "off spec use" and gave me heartburn's. Since then have had to endure daily runs of reg HoL while Boss Loken mocked me on every visit. Just made me more persistent!

Its usually hard to get a group or anyone at that to run reg HoL since the trinket only drops on regular HoL. But LFM Heroic HoL..... Yeah "me me pick me" and they crawl out the wood work for a run. And actually after at least a daily run and today eight gruelling back to back to back runs of reg HoL loken finally got tired of seeing me and just gave up and handed it over. I can use the defense so I don't have to gem my gear for it.

Just damn glad the marathon or persistence is over. I'm tired of seeing Loken. Also picked up Pauldrons of the Colossus from Heroic Gundark on the 2nd boss the elemental to upgrade my shoulders. For every single run I've ever done of Gundark that elemental has dropped nothing but a helm in over a dozen runs. It finally changed the loot drop to something new and behold some plate shoulders. Was all too happy to say the least. With 60 new Emblems of Heroism picked up Heroes Redemption Handguards at the vendor.

Faction Championing
And by the way all these instance runs now also Exalted with:

Argent Crusade
Kirin Tor
The Wyrmrest Accord

Now also exalted with the The Sons of Hodir from doing all the dailies and turning in daily about 50 Relics of Ulduar to speed things along. So can get the Exalted shoulder enchant as needed. Glad that grind is over as well. Be Exalted with Knights of the Ebon Blade in no time soon as well.

Edited: 04/06/09 - Other gear picked up same day.

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Mister K said...

It took me 17 trys to get that trinket from him. I didn't run HoL again for a month afterwards. I have been back a couple times on some alts though and it has dropped both times. I didn't laugh (well I did but not until I grumbled about it first haha)