Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Had A Good Day!

Got a few of my Pug friends and we hit up several Heroics for a while one after the other including the daily whatever it was. I needed the Faction Reps as well. So luck be with me this time running Heroic UP on a smooth run King Ymiron decided he's getting tired of seeing me often enough so he decided to hand over the Red Sword of Courage and let me be on my way. Hail to the King!

We headed off to Heroic Violet Hold and had some fun there with the bosses and what you know the Lavanthor Talisman droped for me. Hey Thanks Boss! Kept running a few more Heroic runs with almost the same crew and knocked out about 15K reps to get Exalted with Kirin Tor Faction. I barely even noticed I was exalted then. Awesome. So when I headed back to Dalaran I made my way over to the Kirin Tor QM and picked up the Fireproven Guantlets to upgrade my Guantlets. Don't seem like many good choices to spend Emblems of Heroism on but went ahead and just spent some of all those badges being collecting from Heroics and picked up the Heroes Redemption Breastplate. I can use more block rating atm trying to get to the blockcap.

Did a few other Pug runs of R.HoL for community service to and to see if I could pickup the trinket from Loken. On my third back to back run he dropped the Seal of the Pantheon. But a Ret Paladin in the group rolled Need on the tanking trinket as well and outbid me the Tank for it. He said he needed it for his off spec. huh! Reminds me of all the craziness that will happen when dual spec lands. I almost got severe hearth burn there on what seemed like a good day. He apologized a great deal... no worries man! Ah well another day I guess, good times don't last long.

Headed off to Storm Peaks to farm up some Eternal Air for a while in one the large cave there. Returned to Dalaran and got all my gear gemed up and Enchanted and called it a day at the office. I guess It was a good day overall.


Darraxus said...

I could understand the pally rolling if you were rolling on his ret gear, but come on. He should have at least checked to see if you needed it first.

Ken said...

That's why I don't PUG something if I know I will want a drop. Congrats on the Red Sword. Took me like 12 runs to get that thing. Then our death knight got his for his dual wield spec in only 2 more tries. To his credit, he was in most of the runs to help me get mine.

Malevolent Angel said...

Grats on the Red Sword! I think you and I got it at the same time! After two weeks of farming for it, am just glad I can say goodbye to H UP! :D

Hana said...

Grats on the sword! Too bad about the trinket though. At least he apologized.

Senornoche said...

I healed my guild (at the time) main tank through heroic UP every day for 10 days, and it finally dropped. It was all good, though, because he tanked heroic Nexus for a week before I got my mace from there. It's all about give and take and helpin' each other out.


BigFire said...

Congrat on the sword. I got that a while back mainly for RP purpose (it looks good with the Royal Crest of Lordaeron). I personally have only seen that sword dropped 5 times, pass on it 4 times.

Galoheart said...

@Ken. Now that I have the Red Sword of Courage guess what now it seems to drop on each visit. Conspiracy that is!

@BigFire. Yeah the texture of the Royal Crest of Lordaeron is the same matching texture on the Red Sword of Courage as well.

Persistence usually pays off. I finally picked up the "Seal of the Pantheon" today. Got it today on a marathon run of HoL and I was determined to beat down Loken for it.