Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dual Spec Stats. First Time Ever Retribution

Eventually made it to the trainer in Silvermoon and decided to cough over 1000g of some that patch money made investing in selling glyphs on AH. Pick up Dual Specialization with a secondary spec as Retribution (Ret). Settled on a 0/17/54 spec just for dps and utility for the 0.01% time that I probably may be playing the spec. As well more importantly spend some time learning how to play a Retribution Paladin properly.

With the dual spec this officially is the very first time ever in all the time I've ever played my Paladin that I've being a spec other than Protection. So I guess I'm now Prot/Ret with Ret as a secondary spec. I didn't get all that excited about it. Its just the way the game is evolving and I'm kinda rolling with it. But I'll always be Protection spec because that's just what and how a I enjoy playing the game all the time. 

Anyway with that all out the way I pulled some gear out my very crowded bank that I've collected along the way running Instances here and there knowing dual spec was going to be here soon and just in case I decided to try it out. A few pieces already had our guild GM who's a BS make the pieces with mats I already had on hand. As well other gear pieces from the various Northrend factions since I'm already Exalted with all the major ones in Northrend.

So this morning after work I logged in, tried out that switching spec. Throw on all the gear pieces I had for Ret which filled almost every slot. The Libram Slot just failed for having a ideal Libram. Anyway got a high lvl JC in Org to fire up cutting a bunch of blue quality gems I needed and luckily she could. So I gemed every gear slot with various AP/Stamina and Strength gems. 

Then I found a happy easy going Priest Enchanter peddling her service and fortunately she had all the enchants I needed. I have a bank full of enchanting mats that I collect all the time from having my guild priest DE all the green gear I always collect which is lots. So I usually retain a bunch of mats for the purpose of enchanting my tanking gear. So had the Priest Enchanter enchant all my gear with the necessary enchants and paid her 60g for the prompt service. And the stats in the picture is the result of all my gear being fully gemed and enchanted as a Retribution spec for the very first time. Seems ok.

So kept looking over my stats on gear. I'm already hit capped it seems already. Dang! Things seem to look good to me stats wise for being in Ret gear just over a hour maybe. So started looking around Org to see what some other Ret players suppose to look like. Looking around mine seem to look decent. Inspecting many players I was just surprised at seeing some people looking around that had on various socket gear and various gear pieces that didn't even had any gems or enchants in them. Was seeing how I fit in as a newly minted Ret Paladin. 

Anyway that's how my stats looked with what I had in my bank for gear. Just have to learn and refine the playing skills of a Retribution Paladin with the dual spec. My gear don't seem to be too bad already. What I don't like so far is switching back to Protection the gear don't stay on for the spec or not yet implemented. Fills up a already filled up bag with Tanking gear just sitting in my bag. I guess I'm now Naxx ready after a hour of throwing on some gear.


Barrista said...

Don't use AP gems. You really need hit until capped (263 or 8%) and after that strength. Strength scales, AP doesn't. For example, fish feast or strength food? Fish feast give me 80 AP, strength food gives me 100 AP (in raid situations).

As for the ret pallys in Org, they may have been dual specs like you. I chose prot and have gear that that isn't gemmed yet as it wasn't a serious consideration until now. Now I need to make some money and get to business.

I'll be reading your blog and others tho as I haven't tanked since the early 60's. I really have no clue, but seeing your posts about using exorcism to pull is good. What about hand of reckoning? Judgements? Are these good for pulling as well?

Galoheart said...

Only recently learned of Sovereign Twilight Opal gems (+8 Str, +12 Stam) which are better than the Balanced Twilight Opal gems. Yeap aware of that. A bit hard to find JC's with that recipe but I'm sure to find one soon and get a few of those gems cut and replaced. No biggie!

That's just the Ret gear have currently in all it's pieces. I'm already over the hit cap without too much effort already. I don't have anything gemed or enchanted for it either. Allot of the pieces already have boat load of hits on them which made easy to hit cap.

You can pull with all the other tricks of the trade as usual as tactics dictate individually. Using Exorcism is now just another trick in a bag of tricks. Ditto if pulling Undead/Demon.

Galoheart said...

Was able this morning to pick up this Libram of Furious Blow easily in Borean Tundra since never really quested much there since didn't really have a good Ret Libram to use. It will work for now till get better.

Stoico said...

Hey there Galo.

And welcome in the Retribution group... :) I have been making a manual if you like. With some of the Ret info I have got over the time playing one. Its still a WIP, but you may find something usefull in it.

Good luck with it all. And you are always welcome to ask questions on my blog or by mail, if you should have any.