Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Recent Upgrades from Heroic Naxxramas

Last time over the weekend when our guild was in Naxxramas picked up a few upgrades with my DKP which isn't much in the few times being to Heroic Naxx. Never on regular. Didn't have time to add them to the last post or link them either in a post so just dropping them in here.

Anyway picked up these pieces which adds to rest of my tanking gear sets. Getting a shoulder upgrade seems to be the hardest thing though I have good blue shoulders though.

Valorous Redemption Handguards
Helm of Vital Protection
Chestguard of the Exhausted
Inexorable Sabatons
Defender's Code
Libram of Resurgence. Junk more like it.

Had enough Emblems of Valor from Heroic Naxx so picked up the Platinum Mesh Cloak. It was a debate between this cloak or the ring from the vendor so I went ahead with the cloak as a best in slot since it was kinda likely that I would pick up a Tanking ring at some point easily. Plus I had enough defense that it wasn't a problem either getting the cloak.

During Naxx the tanks seem to be pretty calm about working out gear among themselves bidding on gear as needed. Some already have upgrades and or better and many new drops are sidegrades compared to someone else with a blue geared slot gear. So most of all my gear was low DPK bids on gear especially since I main as a Tank and raid only on one class character.

But what was funny was watching on some drops dps and healers bid up from nothing to several hundred DKP for some drops which was amazing and just fun to watch unfold. It was almost crazy at times to see a DKP bid on a item start not at low DPK but at over a 100+ on first bid and sometimes several people bid on it or bidded it up much much more to make them spend the DKP to get the item. But at time people started bids at over 50+ DKP or over 100+ on first bid and maybe only one person or no one else bid on the item. I just stood there and watch this with all amusement and thinking that person wont have much DPK left.

I remembered the Bracers of the Unholy Knight dropped from Instructor Razuvious I think was the item. Other tanks had good pieces and it might have been a minor upgrade or sidegrade. So our guild Warrior Tank and GM who often raid co-lead needed it too. So it was between me and him good friends as well for the item as we had the same Heroic blue bracers on. We bid and at a certain point at 50 DKP or so I just said man its yours. All good! I knew I couldn't out bid him after all he's been raiding the entire time with loads of DKP, but he spent it to get it. He raids much more than I do also. I didn't have that much more DPK anyway.

Same was when the Breastplate of the Lost Conqueror token dropped. It would have been great upgrade to get to maintain my 2 piece gear bonus on gear over the Heroes Redemption Breastplate. So I bid on that some, up to a certain point then stopped. Warrior GM whispered me asking if that was all I was going to bid or the others was going to win it. I said, nope not bidding any more. I'll get it eventually but I rather save the DPK for something else really needed more for the gear slot especially since I already had the Heroes Redemption Breastplate already. Improvement it would have been yes. But rather save the DKP for something else need to upgrade when it drops. Was all amusing.

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