Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Independence Day - Forget Not the Price of Freedom

Happy Independence Day to all of you wherever you are. If your somewhere else in the world, well enjoy the day and enjoy your Freedoms anyway. For some of you it will be BBQ, Family gathering, Fireworks, another Quest, maybe a Raid or just another Holiday etc. We all celebrate this most meaning full American holiday in different ways. To each their own enjoyment and Freedom.

Yet Forget not the price of Freedom. Forget not the many blood that was shed in pursuit of a free nation, in defense of it, and in the preservation and protection of it. Forget not, for those who have never fought may never understand the price that many brave men souls paid for your Independence. Forget not the freedoms you enjoy because brave and courageous ragtag army of men laid down they lives in ultimate sacrifice and fought for our Independence. To enjoy the Freedoms we so choose.

Caption: Battle of Bunker Hill, June 16th 1775. One year before Independence Day: July 4th 1776.

"The Sword of the Fleet"
The Souls of Brave men imbued here
My Most Honored Defender.
Proudly Served

Happy Independence Day


Peter said...

Not sure why but always thought you were here in the UK where July 4th is just another day.

The price of independence? We have to wait six more months for an iPhone :-(

HolyWarrior said...


July 4th is not just another day over here in the UK

It is affectionately known as "Good Riddance Day" :)