Friday, July 6, 2007

Screenshots - Zangarmarsh

Hazy blue sky and swamp area which can seem a bit haunted with creatures of all kinds and giant mushrooms everywhere in this beautiful marshland and lake area. Lots of Herbs here.

View From the Spawning Glen a south western section of Zangarmarsh zone. Has a nice lake, might be good for fishing. Will have to fish it soon for some fun to see just what is there.

The Spawning Glen region of Zangarmarsh. Spores infest this area everywhere with small sporeling creatures and giant fungus like creatures. Lots of Herbs here too & can skin the Fungal Giant creatures for Herbs after a kill for random Herbs of the nice kind. The Fungal Giant creatures here when skinned, you have a good chance of receiving "Mote of Life" which I find to be nice to get (10 Motes can be turned into 1 Primal Life). I have stacks of goody goody. Zangarmarsh zone is Herbalism Friendly if I may say.

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