Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Taking a Break...

Yeah. I'm taking a break somewhat. I enjoy the game, but will be sitting on the bench at side court taking some R & R. Down time is good.

/Suspends Blogging
/Take a Break from WoW.

Update: Oh, a Break is not forever. About a Month or so.


Karl said...

/unsubscribe blog

Keiya said...

Hehe enjoy your WoW vacation; Breaks are good, even from recreational activities. Read a book, visit people, catch up on some old TV shows :D

I find it useful to have at least one lowbie "anti-social alt" who:
-Isn't guilded.
-Is on the opposite faction or on another server from my main.
-Is completely private.
Sometimes having an alternate playing environment is nice.

Jehu said...

I agree with Keiya and I've always had a similar non-guilded alt that no one knows about and I don't take too seriously. It's nice to relax and noob it up in private once in a while.

Enjoy your break. I'll look forward to your return.