Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Level 65 at the Trainer

After 60 you can often forget after you ding you can learn something new at trainer on every level up. Picked up to new rank spells.
  • Blessing of Wisdom. Rank 7
  • Greater Blessing of Wisdom. Rank 3
  • Seal of Command. All of them up to Rank 5.
Placed a Talent point in Seal of Command vs another for more parry right now in deflection. 70 is still 5 levels away. Besides The New Spell in having Seal of Command. The other two cost 6.75g each. Spells cost you allot of money at the upper level.

Having Seal of Command was more for my play style of Solo play for now and like using my 2H at times to do damage and end some fights quickly. May drop 1 more point up to 70 in protection thats left. Rest in Retribution.

Last time Galo was at trainer, he picked up Seal of Blood. So far have yet to figure how to use that seal properly. Have only used it a few time, caused me too much damage so went back to using my usuals for now.

Update: Using Seal of Command a bit it seem can do nice damage in spurts, but its unpredictable and not always holy damage either. SOR seem to get things done much better overall and constantly predictable holy damage than SOC. Often i down the mob in 1/3 less time with SOR than with SOC. May have to change that at 70 on a respec having used it a bit now.

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