Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Guild Stuff - Time Value & Other People's Time

Weekend was a bit busy for me. Its was my working weekend on the Job and thats 12hrs days at the Vaccine Plant with my 2+ hrs commute time. So focus WoW time does get limited sometimes and leveling also. But I do stuff daily to move ahead quest wise always. Sometime its Guild stuff.

So did some Guild stuff as we're now up to 44 people in guild, most seem to be OK with a few in their 40's. Guild is coming along in growth. Even had a group that was running RFK. Also helped some on their lowbie quests also. Limiting everyone to no more than 1 Alt's because I'm limiting the guild size. I have no desire to running a large guild, I have too many things to do. Guild is mostly casual, laid back and leveling guild, just like me and I make it known to them when they join. Helping lowbies is OK, but often it can be a time waster for me, its that simple been in Outland. Easier for them to get help from someone their level or close to it. People do ask me for help on quests that they are capable of doing themselves that they often claim is too hard to do themselves because it takes them too long to do. Often I'm on a Outland quest and have to decide, do i find this thing I have been looking for for 30 mins or do I Hearth to Shattrath to port to Azeroth to help them. Get over it!

Though I am helping people when they sometime may ask. I find it not as productive use of my time. Its already limited due to work schedule, questing requirements, working on the blog. New people always want help as if to test you to see how much your guild will help them I wonder before they decide to stay or not. Do new people ever wonder if you have anything else to do? People always want to wait around and cut up on jokes and have to wait on people at AFK for food and such things. I often hate that with my time. I have a lot of patience really, but such things test my patience in groups or helping people. Guild can be fun if not for the silly humor. But i know in my mind when its time to quit having one, i will give it up if not for my peace of mind.

Its a big part of the reason I really enjoy playing Solo. The only person consuming up my limited play time is .... ME. I love to have solo playing friends and when we team up its also fun and productive. If I have to wait for a group quest to do too long I move on to something else and if I can solo it later if I not find a group then I will. But I don't like waiting around. Maybe its because I'm a bit older and playing WoW than the usual playing crowd. The again, maybe its just me maybe thats like that.


Keiya said...

/agree, a lot of people need to know that there are limits to "help" even among leveling guilds. In general, unless a quest absolutely needs a group (almost all of the "2 man" quests can be solo'd and many of the "3"), I tell people that they really need to solo it themselves.

...hehe kind of fun doing hard quests solo anyways, just to see if you can do it.

Michael said...

In general, new guildies should be OFFERING help, not begging for it and g-quitting if it's not given freely.

There's nothing wrong with asking in guild-chat if anyone wants to do a SM run, but if your new recruits are giving any attitude, of if they seem to have entitlement issues, I'd recommend having a nice long chat with them about respecting other people's time. Sometimes people forget that there's a human behind each character who's interested in having fun, and running someone through Deadmines isn't always fun. (Tho it can be sometimes...)

Galoheart said...

For the most part its challenging finding good players that are not always needy at first. I find some that do help out and do. Some the others just want to know what you can do for them to help them out. I'm always wary of those players to say the least.

True it is there is someone else at the other side of the keyboard. Some people forget that and that your just here in limited time for fun and not always want to do what they may want to do when they want to do it.

Salud said...

Well it is your guild and you run it as you fit but I am a firm believer that members help each other regardless of level. This helps the guild to become a family, which makes the game more enjoyable. Rather than a bunch of people fighting over loot.

Of course you have that special member that cant do things himself/herself which they are constantly nagging everyone. That individual must be dealt with fast to prevent unwanted drama.