Monday, July 2, 2007

Spreading Guild Wings

Headed to Silvermoon since I'm now 64 to the trainer and picked up only one new spell. "Seal of Blood". Was a bit surprised only one new spell for training. Cost me about 6g for this one. Placed my latest talent point into Deflection for more parry. Not sure how I will use Seal of Blood as yet but it sounds fun as a Horde Paladin spell.

Due to weekend work hours didn't get to quest much, so spent a bit of time buying on AH, materials needed for crafting and some other things. Picked up a few standby weapons for my arsenal to use to work on my skills at 2H to keep my weapons skills high. I haven't used my 2H for quite a while, but I like to keep my skills high for when I need to switch weapons in a fight something I used to do allot before Outland for versatility. At one time Galo proudly carried 7 weapons the whole time leveling, I used them interchangeably and rotated them in fights, kept my weapons skill high as well as proficiency in use.

Spent a bit of time working on guild management. Galo has always had his own guild since lvl 12 or so. I've switch guild once to a friend guild temporarily some time back but I created a Alt and created my current guild then for my Alt to have his own Tabard. So I'm presently in my Alt Guild (Wrath of Armageddon) as the GM. However for all the levels I been through I never had a need to recruit much but at times I did as its a relatively quiet guild. So over the weekend I spent time doing some recruiting and got enough people to double the size of guild from 18 to 35 people at various levels. Most people still low levels though but OK. Its no sweat to me. I rather have a small core team of good dedicated players with skill than a large guild. Right now its just a number increase, just hoping for quality players later. Most people always want to know "Hey how many people in your guild", "What level are they?" before they join. But I'm 40 levels higher than you does it matter that much? People always want to know if you can run them to level up on their quests or whatever. Guild recruiting is now easy! Especially when you have a mindset of a self reliant player and hope you can find people like that that's not needy.

Yeah I also got Vent, I bought it for my Guild also though I don't spend much time on it really, but at least the Guild has it. One day soon we will be a guild, right now its just a group of people most I don't really know as well as yet. However everyone wants to know, when can I come help them on their immediate emergency of a quest. You know, Galo has friends at 70 and a few, but I never call my friends and ask them for help unless I really have tried and failed enough times and i have never had to do it either. Last time I asked for help was on the paladin epic mount quest, if i could of solo the quest I would have. Everyone wants to know what can your Guild do for them, other than how can they add to your guild to benefit it to grow or get better. So I'm always skeptical when people join and seeing how long they stick around. You log out to head to work on the weekend and people quit in less than a day. I'm probably glad they quit anyway so i can replace them with better people. Just my thought. I can make a good a GM but you know they don't know that.


Salud said...

I too solo everything, especially the quest that require two or three people. I only ask for help when the quest requires a full team (ie Durn in Nagrand, dungeon quest, etc).

As for your guild, I hope for the best. Oh BTW, "Hey how many people in your guild", "What level are they?" lol.

Galoheart said...

Most are below 40 really at the moment.

Sunstriker said...

Same here. Quality over quantity is my motto. I also agree about people leeching a lot from guilds. I know I've done an arseload for mine, taught them Kara, forums, vent, guild bank, potions etc. During all this receiving a little help here and there, but not too much. Remember this, the guild is your creation, it is yours to nurture and yours to lead to greatness.