Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The World Without Us.......What IF...

Was doing the commute thing today home from the job and happened to be listening to the Radio getting caught up on all the Financial news of the day on Marketplace Money when something I heard spurred me into some random thoughts.

Interview was about Author and his new book "The World Without Us" and premise was What IF People Just Disappeared From The Planet Tomorrow, Puff ...Gone? What Would Happen or What would be the Result to Everything as we Know It? Very Interesting, as I'm the kind of person that likes to ponder things and give mental exercise to complex ideas. So I started thinking of WoW. Hmmm

What IF .....Tomorrow All Paladins Dissappeared In WoW?

How? Dosen't matter. Mysterious Mass Death, Blizzard Virus, Evil Plague etc. Lets just say it Happened! I'll leave that for all you readers to Muse and answer that as to how the WoW world would change without us for good or bad.


Honors Code said...

Progression for many guilds would halt and more Shadow Priests, and Feral Druids would be pressured to respec into their healing trees.

Shattered Halls would be avoided by most of the player base.

Joyd said...

For one, it would be many times more difficult to find a healer for pick-up groups. The paladin's holy tree is marginally less onerous for soloing than most other healing trees, so there are actually a ton of people specced into it. Virtually no druid, priest or shaman is specced to heal before they reach a point where they're mostly grouping, because they lose so much soloing ability by doing so.

The impact on the quantity of tanks would be almost negligible, as there are far more warrior tanks than paladin tanks.

Megan said...

PVE: Raid encounters would have to be redone due to Salvation---no Salvation means less DPS, more length in fighting, more healing. Which is very bad for fights on enrage timers.

PVP: CC tactics would become even more important than they are now---class balance wise the other healers would have to get extra defensive options or WoW would go back to lvl60 instagib tactics (not 1-2 shotting, but still very centered around burst).

Either a Druid or Shaman would also have to get a version of Cleanse (or just Magic dispel), probably the Shaman's Purge would be able to do friendly targets.

Summary: Not as nearly as fun! <3 good Pallies.

Galoheart said...

Seems life in WoW would be most difficult without us and much harder on the other classes as well on the other hybrid and healing classes. Let alone Higher level Instances.