Thursday, August 2, 2007

Realm Transfered

Did a Realm Transfer for Galoheart, relocated to Zangarmarsh server. Had given up my Guild back on Rexxar before going on a break to someone else in the guild. Having a Guild I've come to realize is just too much work for me at this point. Its just too time consuming and distracting when I just want to play the game and quest, blog and level up let alone having to deal with all the drama of people and headache recruiting new people. Feels good to not have responsibilities.

Its good to be on another server. However, I already did have a young lvl 23 Hunter "Aetius" here on Zangarmarsh that plays with the WoW Insider guild "It came from the Blog" since day one it was created here a few months ago. Mostly a fun and laid back guild. So Galo is now in the guild also.

Transfering Server
Transfering server took about 10 min after you decide to do so as had been thinking about it. You get everything transfered on character you own, Must have nothing on AH and your Mail box must be empty before you can transfer. Galo was Transfered and left my Alt Priest "Eternallord" who was my Banker Alt on Rexxar. Some time after the transfer I came to realize that I had forget to do one important thing. It just looks ovious, dosen't it.

My Alt Banker Priest on Rexxar always did all the Buying, Selling, Trading of my non crafted items and AH items so I forgot to think of him having all the Funds. So if I really want to get all that gold from my Priest I have 2 options. Level Priest to 51 and Transfer or level both Priest lvl 18 and my other Hunter "Krovon"(Was going to delete) lvl 24 both to 31. Then Split the gold equally between both so under 1000g limit by Blizzard rules to allow transfer. I know I'm not planning to level the Priest to lvl 51. Talk about one BIG oversight. Ahhh

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Anonymous said...

I know 1600+ gold is a lot but I would not worry about it. You can gain it all back by questing.