Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Back to Guildless..... Well I Quit

A footnote in my life's adventure in WoW. LoL. Decided to leave my guild as I rather say on Neutral terms.

I'm not even sure what to write here in my blog or how to explain on my blog. I though about making it one sentence and saying I just left my guild and I'm neutral about it. There isn't that much of a story or is there? Only knew a few officers in the guild that I sometime ran with in 5 man instance and liked me tanking for them. I really can't say I knew anyone else in the guild. They asked me for over a month to consider joining them before I gave it serious thought. Galo is a solo spirit. Never really knew anyone else there other than four of the top officers and GM. For the most part unless you really looked at who was online you wouldn't even know I was even there logged on. I never speak in guild chat unless you directly ask me something and usually never to anyone I never really know either in the guild.

For the last week or so almost everyday they want me to head to Kara with them or join them in middle of a raid. Usually I'm busy so I decline invite. I also don't want to start Kara half way into Kara. In some ways i was just checking out my guild also in more ways than one. The constant asking of whether or not I can join them in Kara wears on me after a while. My guild has about ten warriors almost all of them protection short of one or two they have recruited in over a week. A few Feral Druids also. And me the out of place lone Tanking Paladin with one Ret. The Warrior is their main tank and already have a off tank Warrior sometimes its the Druid they alternate some whichever one signed up or is on. On most days I'm on I log in I just go about doing my daily quests, a instance, herb farming or whatever. At this point I'm just focus on my new goal of getting my Epic Flying Mount. IMO that some how conflicts with my guild already running Kara.

For two main reasons I decided to leave. This is obvious, but for right now my goal is working on getting my Epic Flying Mount. I mean that's obvious to you if you being reading this blog for a while, its a goal of mine and to be on a raiding schedule means lots of repair bill, farming raid mats for raid and I'll be forever before I get my Epic Mount. Second thing was over the course of the week I've being in my guild I noticed that no one runs 5 man for gear....... not at all. A good Warlock friend I run with that recently got invited to the guild quit because on his raid with the guild they were wiping all over Attunmen because of being undergeard so he quit in few days. Everyone getting to 70 and before picks up the Kara quest completes it the very day they ding 70 signs up and heads right to Kara in whatever gear they have. Last night a few people joined our guild... including the undergeared Hunter guy the other day from Heroic SV. I saw the name and remembered. He immediately wanted to know when he can raid Kara. Sitting quietly in the guild over time I observed all that. The priest who dinged 70 earlier in the day was that very night raiding already as well as a few others. This somehow bothered me a while and so I decided to bring it up in guild chat with the GM and Officers asking whether or not the guild has a gear check policy before heading into Kara. You barely ever see my name in guild chat.

The guild so far as I know has progressed as far as Curator. On most days they have a hard time getting up to that boss. They want to start running 2 Kara teams as of tonight when the first one is barely properly geared well for DPS. On most days you barely have 12 lvl 70 on at same time other than raid time. Guild have about 40 people or so. They are extremely short on healers let alone good healers at that as well as properly geared healers. So back to my question that I asked what's the policy on getting people properly geared before heading off to Kara in greens and lvl 60 gear. The response I got was that they have no policy for Kara unless they don't have enough DPS and sub someone else in with better gear as the Officers knows best. It was expressed to me that as the Tank I shouldn't worry as the Officers will take care of things.

Wait a minute here, Galo is a thinking man and as a Tank I do worry It my time too and repair bill if and when I decide to attend a raid. It was also said that the Tanks and Healers needed to have good gear and the Tank just needed to hold aggro and DPS do the rest. Hmmm. One the next officers said "Just hit your 5 buttons and just hold aggro". Up to that point I was seriously considering leaving the guild already. In a matter of 1 sec I though for what seem like forever and eventually came to an answer. At that very point my decision was made. So I left the guild at that point the feeling is all Neutral.


Anonymous said...

Wow galo that doesnt sound fun at all.

My guild at the moment is working through all the heroics, and we don't raid. We have gear requirements to attend a guild heroic, let alone a raid.

When the day comes we decide to head into Karazhan we will all be full of heroic gear, and we will have strict standards on gear requirement.

Poor dps leads to extra strain on tanks and healers, and in heroic and above content, having bad dps, you simply wont be able to take down the bosses.

I feel your pain. Our guild surprisingly has too many healers, not enough tanks - hence me levelling one. We will still need more however.

If Galo ever makes it out Aman'thul way, we'd love to have a good pallytank to hit the heroics :D

I do hope you find a group of like minded players at some stage galo. Pugging forever will drive u insane :P

Galoheart said...

Thanks for cheering me up :)

As much as the feeling is neutral I can't say I've had many down days in WoW but this does feel a bit like one those days.

I'll get over it.

Felspawn said...

I've also been running into that alot, having folks that are in greens wanting to do kara, or after 2.3 even heroics. I can appreciate the desire to do Heroics when you get to 70 but folks need to be geared to a certain degree, those blue drops from Ramparts dont cut it. There are many normal strength lvl 70 instances people can do to get to the needed gear level. Its what i did with my warlock before got into Kara and with those blues and a good understanding of my class i was outdamaging people with gear a great deal better then mine. I completely agree with you Galo, i hope you find a good guild out there.

Manilin said...

Sorry that your guild exp soured on ya like that Galo.. While I've not been there where gear was the issue, I've been there when events have been put on the callendar and I show at the appointed time only to wait and wait for the others to arrive.. I played my hunter solo till I hit 68 and got into a Raiding guild.. First exp was great and I learned alot about raiding before the guild went bust.
My next experience was the show up and wait guild.. Surfice to say, my Hunter is back solo with just Felix at his side =) My time was precious and I could have been out farming ( also a weed picker )or making gold towards my epic flyer rather than waiting for our "scheduled" Kara run to begin..

Good luck to you ... Solo play never killed anyone imo...

salud said...

Let me guess, the officer that commented about 5 buttons has a DPS class.

Anyway, even though you’re a causal player and prefer to solo a lot to achieve personal goals don’t exclude yourself from end-game content when opportunity present itself (i.e. being invited into Karazhan). The experience can help you learn the instance and learn how your guild mates play.

It may even spark a new Galo Adventure.

Galoheart said...

I've never tried hard to find any guild. I'm sure I really won't have a problem finding a good one when I decide to look.

The correct term I believe for a player like me in WoW is what you called neither Hardcore nor Casual. I'm what you call a "Dedicated" player. I'm also driven by my goals to obtain them whatever it may be and I usually get it done being focused on it.

I always have the option to create my own guild if I really want to. Or I can find a good guild on time. I'm not worried in any way afterall it never worried me getting to lvl 70. It never worried me running 5 man instance gearing up and I did it all without a guild. So no I'm not worried. My tanking resume is good so no worries.

Light Of The Sun said...

that exactly what i tried to do with my guild today! leave with neutral terms.....
yeah sadly they were extrmely hostile towards me and they kicked me so ya

Mercuri said...

I think many guilds are experiencing this "thirst for 1337 loot" mentality. I'm dealing with it even in my own guild in which I am an officer. We have a core group of players that know their roles well, took the time and dedication to get their gear, and put time into their toon. We have another group of people that are undergeared but expect to be raiding all of Karazhan and invited along to things like TK and ZA... And things like that should not and can not happen if the group is to be even mildly successful.

Best of luck in the future. Sometimes the fresh solo air is all you need for a bit :)

Wulfie said...

I appreciate your reasons for quitting and they seem to work for you. I've been lucky with this guild I suppose, been with them since a couple of months after hitting 60 (nearly two years now).

What I will say about the solo game is that it gets tiresome after a while. I've been playing this game for over two and a half years now, and it's only my friends that keep me doing so.