Monday, November 12, 2007

Recruited to a Guild

Many month ago when I first started this blog about Galo I have always being and still remain very much a solitary and solo player. I enjoy the solo life and the peace of mind that comes with setting my own goals going after them and achieving them with dedication progressively on my own time and on my own efforts without the pressure of being apart of any guild whatsoever. Guilds help leveling and in progression content, however its sometimes good to be a bit maverick if its to your style of play.

Solo'd all the way to 70 on my own. Did quests and figured out how to solo quests and elite quests on my own. At 70 I've managed to run all instance guildless and all in happy PuG's for the most part. Made lots of good friends from all the 5-man Instance runs and have gotten countless guild invites from friends and everyone wanting me to join their guilds for a tank spot. Have also turned down everyone that asked also for my own reasons. Often I just like to do my own thing without being bothered by a guild as a whole. More than often my goals haven't always mesh with a guild goal thus more reason to remain solo.

However one young guild on my server I have managed to tank for their members while getting gear in 5-man instance a bit. I pretty much know most of all their top guild DPS members including their GM Priest. Have tanked many instance with him before and he's a very good healer. I've run with their DPS groups before as most were doing 5-man Instance for gear. They had asked numerous times over the last month while I was collecting gear on my own running instances to join their guild. I decline usually! Often being that I really don't need a guild imposing any pressure to tank here and there let alone the pressures of getting to Karazhan while I'm working on my own gear goals. PuG's & friends were more than fine with me. Tank this instance get gear and its over with no pressure there and then I can go farm in peace on my own time. So last night I finally decided and made a decision to join the Priest in his young guild: Ascention. They were more than excited to say the least.

The Guild already have a Warrior and a Druid tank at 70, though their warrior is their MT. They also really wanted to have a Paladin tank also. As a guild they have just started doing Karazhan and have progressed up to Curator. So far it seems to be a good guild, however I'm taking things cautiously with Galo and this new guild. Karazhan sounds fun, Epic gear looks and sound great. However I have no illusions of ever been a full time raider nor do I really care all that much about Epics. I tank because that's how I started playing WoW and its fun, gear allows me to do that much better. Getting gear upgrade is great to do what my class skill is but I'm not the kind of person that go nuts over loot or Epic loot at that. I'm still not in a hurry to raid Karazhan but now that I'm in a new guild will see how things go.

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