Saturday, November 10, 2007

Paladin Epic Mount Poll

So after 30 days of polling thanks to everyone that participated the official Paladin Epic Flying Mount results are in. I myself did not vote in this polling and I also have no idea who all these people were that stopped by this blog and voted. Thanks to all that participated. Anyway here are the results:

Question: Should Paladins have their own class Epic Flying Mount?
Poll Duration was for: 30 Days on Blog.

Voted Yes: 451 (67.1%)
Voted No : 137 (20.4)
Didn't Care: 84 (12.5)

Total Voted: 672 people.

As far as I have head is that Blizzard has said no in the past to Paladins getting their own class Flying Mount. Who knows if that will ever change in the future. Just because they said no in the past don't mean it can't be reconsidered. However its nice to know that other people other players voted in favor for a Paladin class Flying Mount also. I for one would love to see Paladins get a unique Class Epic Flying Mount. Of course.... I'm a Paladin.

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